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Simplenote As To Do List

Now that I finally have a smartphone, I thought it was time for me to start using a to-do list app. I have never been able to organize any to-do lists effectively, but here was my chance to find one and stick with it. 147 more words


DevOps at IBM - The Goat Farm - Episode 9

How does IBM manage to run web sites for some the World’s largest sporting and television events? With the practices of DevOps of course! In this episode, Ross and Michael talk to Brian O’Connell of IBM. 359 more words


Security Financings Continue Their Heat Wave With A New $75M Round For Netskope

Netskope, which sells a technology service protecting businesses’ cloud-based software, has joined the ranks of the massively funded (and potentially overfunded?) security technology companies with a new $75 million round of financing. 358 more words


Top Ten Cloud Storage Services

Having discussed the cloud storage services, now it’s time to see what services are available and assess their options. Let’s get right to it. 416 more words


Cloud Storage

Cloud has become the new normal to everyone. The notion of cloud is that your  data and computation are not local but from the servers in the data center somewhere in the Internet. 348 more words


Google Classroom Launches Chrome Extension So Teachers Can Instantly Share Links With The Entire Class

Google calls Classroom a “mission control for teachers,” allowing them to access all of Google Apps for Education within one central place. Teachers can use the product to chat with students, help students with their work and keep track of the daily goings on in the classroom. 131 more words