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Cloud Atlas: Alla Ricerca della Mappa dell’Anima

Questa recensione è del Gennaio 2013. Come la precedente è apparsa su Cinescherno.com, che ha chiuso i battenti.

Ve la offro come l’avreste trovata sul sito, in omaggio a Sergio – megadirettore galattico della pagina – e a quel che ha fatto nascere.

1,439 more words

Robot Rebellion

Artificial Intelligence takeover seems to be hot topic now more than ever in history. Last time people were so concerned about computers outbreak back in 1999 when “Millennium Bug” was looming large in people’s minds. 1,200 more words


Cloud Atlas, Religion, and Love: Holism and Postmodern Belief

Andrew D. Thrasher, ThM

“I call it the Cloud Atlas Sextet. There are whole movements imagining us meeting again and again in different lives, different ages.” 2,618 more words

The World in the Wings

Sobriety is for the birds. I don’t enjoy it as much as the alternative, which I don’t see as drunkenness so much as a tasteful alcoholic complement to the everyday business of life. 1,734 more words

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*Minor spoilers*

Not my kind of book, unfortunately. The premise is sound enough; six stories throughout different points in time that become interwoven through the characters and previous stories being retold. 283 more words


Back from the dead...spiritually! A review of Cloud Atlas

Did you miss me? Geddit? Geddit?

And that was my lame attempt to make up for the fact that I’m posting after about…2 years? But I’m BACK! 311 more words