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All I Want for Xmas is Books

…or where I had a Rory Gilmore moment or three when I had to pack a book for a two-hour train journey ahead and had to bring a couple more instead. 677 more words


Immeasurable Consequence

A few weeks ago I was talking with my dad’s sister-in-law. We were talking about coaches and their impact on the kids they are working with. 237 more words

Panduranga Mahatyam: Story Structure Both Ahead and Behind the Times

I got this DVD from Netflix and watched it a while back, and much of it went over my head.  But what I could appreciate was the cool things it was doing with story structure and visuals.   1,898 more words

Film Reviews

Cloud Atlas Review

A lawyer involved in the 19th century slave trade, a composer in 1930s Britain, an investigating journalist from San Fransisco, an old publisher in present-day England, a 22nd century Korean clone and a tribesman in a post-apocalyptic future. 827 more words

Cloud Atlas

Saturday 19th November: Both do and review

The first thing we did today was watching the five step shorts we made in groups last week. Not only was it fun to get to watch them, but we also got feedback on what was good about them and what we could improve. 495 more words


Baumann and Burch, Episode 29: I Like Movies with Lots of Pretty Flowers...Being Crushed by a Giant Pterodactyl

Matt and I talk about some movies that we really think you need to watch. Find out just how artsy-fartsy Tim can get when he talks about foreign films (made in the countries which were America’s enemies during the middle of the 20th Century, so how’s… 64 more words


Slade House by David Mitchell

A copper-cauldroned winter read, this one: put the black cat out, settle in front of the fire with a goblet of something, convince yourself there’s nothing behind the curtains, and enjoy…Slade House is tucked away down a narrow, dingy alley and weird and terrible things happen there. 331 more words

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