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“Adaptation seems to be, to a substantial extent, a process of reallocating your attention.” ~ Daniel Kahneman

In my last blog post I wrote about feeling restless. 833 more words

February Book Chat

Cloud Atlas- David Mitchell

I found it quite difficult to get into at first, and I think that I stand by that. The first few sections weren’t necessarily my sort of thing, but I powered through on the basis that the characters were interesting and the writing good. 1,912 more words

Book Club

Abandoning Books

As I struggled to come up with a topic for this week, life as always provided the answer. Yesterday, my best friend and I were discussing the right time to abandon a book. 850 more words


“Revolutionary or Gimmicky?”: Doubt, Time, and Becoming in David Mitchell’s 'Cloud Atlas'

(May, 2016)

In 2004, David Mitchell turned the world of contemporary British literature on its head with his novel Cloud Atlas. A sprawling five-hundred page narrative, described by literary scholar Berthold Schoene as “cosmopolitan” and “global” in scope, the novel addresses itself broadly towards questions of the largest scale. 2,763 more words

English Essays

[cloud atlas] the leave-taking

rating: PG
pairing: Robert Frobisher/Rufus Sixsmith
word count: 7100
summary: 那之後他曾在破曉時分再次爬上紀念碑。
n/a: 沒有看過原作,純粹以電影為基準衍生,OOC全是我的錯。這是我當年在看完電影之後的回應(?)文,當時決定在寫完之前都不要看這對的同人⋯⋯(於是過了五年還是一篇文都不能看)(痛哭)感謝少言的鼓勵讓我把它撿回來,許久沒用中文,有些彆扭之處還請見諒QQ ao3在此94 more words



I keep wishing to move to culture and even to theatre, but I’m still attached to geography.

It’s sort of early to say for sure, but it looks like my submission will take the shape of an Atlas. 168 more words

Cloud Atlas: Alla Ricerca della Mappa dell’Anima

Questa recensione è del Gennaio 2013. Come la precedente è apparsa su Cinescherno.com, che ha chiuso i battenti.

Ve la offro come l’avreste trovata sul sito, in omaggio a Sergio – megadirettore galattico della pagina – e a quel che ha fatto nascere.

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