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IDG Contributor Network: ZipBooks wants to shake up the accounting software market by helping customers collect cash

The accounting software industry is, contrary to what you might think, a pretty interesting place. Characterized by three large vendors that hold the lion’s share of the market in their respective geographies, until recently it has been a fairly sedentary place with… 166 more words


Lyft and GM gear up for self-driving electric taxis -- surprisingly soon

Upstart ride-sharer Lyft and legacy automaker GM are said to be planning something big. They want to test a fleet of self-driving electric taxis within a year. 82 more words


I and others of my kind are causing global warming and climate change!

The Accusation:

I am sure you had no inkling that I was the culprit – that it was this despicable me who caused climate change; that I am the guy who’s responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer, the melting of the glaciers, the increase in the global temperature, and everything else that is wrong with our Earth climatically! 840 more words


If you consider your information valuable, keep it in the CLOUD!

A student requested an interview to ask about cloud computing. Answers to her questions may be googled in the web. I thought of writing my opinion on the topic. 511 more words

Web 2.0

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If you consider your information valuable, keep it in the CLOUD!

While cloud computing has been around for more than five years now, it is still a relevant piece of information for our teachers retooling and relearning technologies in this decade. So here is an old post I did in my older blog about using cloud storage.

IoT Platforms: Dominance of AWS

Needless to say there is no dearth of IoT Platforms offering you the opportunity to get your “things” and “devices” connected, and reap the benefits of IoT. 296 more words

Internet Of Things

Simplivity attacks the ‘unbearable complexity’ of IT

Hyperconvergence is a relatively new buzzword but Westborough, Mass.,-based Simplivity is already boasting of creating version 3.0 of this emerging IT model. In this installment of the… 109 more words