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Cloud computing, as safe as it can get.

Cloud technology is believed to be plagued with security issues but by providing features like Event and Log Management, Identity Management, Endpoint Protection, Application Security and encryption of critical data, companies are being reassured thus and since realize the necessity for ubiquitous computing. 265 more words

VMware Adds Board Members Amid Turbulence

VMware has named former American Airlines chief executive Donald Carty and tech veteran Tony Bates to its board, according to an SEC document filed Tuesday. 281 more words


#Amazon Releases Its Own Game Engine For Free #cloud

  1. Yet another way they are going to drive more demand toward AWS
  2. A terrific example of “castle and moat” business strategy

Amazon’s releasing their very own game engine. 53 more words

X-as-a-Service (XaaS) – Cloud Computing Service Models

During 1990 expansion of internet brought about a new class of centralised computing, called Application Service Providers (ASP). Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) essentially extended the idea of the ASP model, but now there are almost too many cloud based service offerings to keep track of. 1,309 more words


Azure Subscription Limitations and others ...

When I was implementing some services in Azure, I came across some issues related to some limitations. I wasn’t aware of some of them but I used this list below to see the big picture. 2,246 more words

Cloud Computing

How leaders thrive in a hybrid world

by Cynthya Peranandam and Laura Sanders, IBM

The benefits of hybrid cloud have been clear to many organizations for some time.

Along with the cost efficiency of moving certain workloads to the cloud, hybrid environments allow organizations the flexibility to maintain and better secure data on-premise or scale out as needed. 502 more words

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