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IBM profit tops estimates as focus turns to cloud's Red Hat for growth

International Business Machines Corp. reported earnings that topped analysts’ estimates in the fiscal second quarter as investors look to the Red Hat acquisition to fuel future growth in cloud computing. 753 more words


4 Upgrades to Construction Technology That Helps Managers Maintain Peak Efficiency

Good construction companies always make the most of the
tools that are available. When you’re dealing with management issues, you
should make use of the same philosophy. 500 more words


The BLAST programs and databases are available in Docker and cloud-ready

In modern biomedical research, you often need to analyze very large datasets. This may require computing and storage capacity that exceeds what you have available locally. 175 more words

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Google Buys Elastifile to Stretch Its Cloud Storage Capability

After shelling out $2.6 billion for the Big Data startup Looker, GCP’s new CEO spends an undisclosed amount on another startup, this one dealing in network-attached storage. 428 more words

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Kontaktieren Sie das führende Unternehmen für Cloud-Computing-Lösungen

Distributed Computing hebt Self-Service-Transporte für verschiedene verbleibende Aufgaben und Bedürfnisse von Unternehmen hervor. Dies macht es für Unternehmen unumgänglich, internes IT-Personal zu beschäftigen, insbesondere für private Unternehmungen, oder physische PC-Assets zu überwachen. 296 more words

Professions with Pride

Collaborative post – may contain affiliate links

Some professions come with an inherent sense of pride. The idea that you are operating on the very edge of technology and being at the peak of your field is intoxicating in the most positive way. 499 more words

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