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To the cloud I go, cloud I go.

–Kendrick Lamar, Cloud 10


Microsoft's Satya Nadella follows Apple’s Tim Cook to India

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella is visiting India, reflecting the growing importance of the country as a market for multinational technology companies.

Nadella’s visit follows the first trip to India by Apple CEO Tim Cook, who visited the country this month to drum up support for the company’s plans to offer refurbished iPhones in the price-sensitive market as well as to get permission to set up its wholly-owned stores in the country. 41 more words


Cloud Computing Interface with Service Oriented Audio accepted By-Connections

Cloud Computing presents a new approach to allow the development of dynamic, distributed and highly scalable software. For this purpose, Cloud Computing offers services, software and computing infrastructure independently through the network. 128 more words


You are now blogging with the best...

I’ve always been gun shy about social media. It just seems to be littered with negativity, mis-information and thirst traps. I tend to keep my activities vague and to a minimum. 130 more words

Cloud Computing: Public or Private?

The Million Dollar Question about Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has already been a buzz word in the IT industry for some time and even small businesses and remote offices are moving toward some sort of virtualization solution. 1,351 more words

Public Or Private Cloud

Is NetSuite Sweet for Customers?

It’s widely agreed that customer experience is now the most important dynamic for business. Any organization that wants to retain loyal and even vocal customers should do everything possible to ensure and maintain customer satisfaction. 2,345 more words

Business Performance

What is MAREA? Only an epic shift that changes everything

Microsoft and Facebook partner to lay MAREA, the fastest-yet trans-Atlantic cable. This is HUGE news — not because of the cable itself, but because of how it’ll be operated. 102 more words