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Brad Anderson Outlines New Azure Features at Ignite Conference

Brad Anderson – CVP of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise division – laid out the key attributes upcoming in Microsoft Azure:

Azure in your datacenter

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Securing End User Devices - Conflicts between mobility and security

As businesses demand increased productivity, employees search for the optimal work-life balance and with the number of items connected to the “Internet of Things” (IoT) about to explode from… 712 more words

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Assume Breach: An Inside Look at Cloud Service Provider Security

Great summary of Azure CTO Mark Russinovich’s presentation at the 2015 RSA conference by Rob Wright.

Azure security is split into three categories. The first is protection, which features components such as identity and access and vulnerability management. 102 more words

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The Cloud

What is the Cloud?

Cloud computing is a fairly new IT concept.  It’s one of those trendy tech words that everyone is using, but cannot clearly define.   361 more words


Can Microsoft convince IT pros to make the tricky transition to the cloud?

Given the hype, you might think that all applications and data in the universe are now sitting in someone’s cloud. But you would be wrong. The corporate world is at the beginning of the cloud computing era and tons of applications—especially those at the largest businesses—still run in server rooms or data centers operated by the companies in question. 756 more words


bitnami - DevEnv in the Cloud

Hier nun die erste Eruirung eines Cloud Dienstleisters: bitnami.com. Ich habe ein paar allgemeine Infos zusammengestellt – um dann schnell zu meinen Erfahrungen in der Nutzung von bitnami zu kommen. 862 more words


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on IT transformation, Amazon, and being a 'Windows company'

We live in strange times. Companies are increasingly running applications on computers owned and operated by another company. Employees tend to look upon their colleagues in information technology as more of a nuisance than an asset. 2,366 more words