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AWR warehouse work log

I will lay down in the log my experience in building a AWR warehouse. Experiences I believe being potenially useful for other Oracle users.

I will write a no general introduction into the ARW warehouse. 186 more words


VCS plugin for EM12c

Just had some busy weeks, almost forgot to share this document with you guys, written by my good friend Scott Wardrop.

The VCS Cluster Mintoring Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c provides centralised visibility of Symantec VCS Cluster environments, giving administrators a singe view on component availability and performance at both a cluster and estate level. 30 more words

Cloud Control 12c

Creation of a basic report in EM12c using BI Publisher

Just published on Oracle Learning Library: the creation of a basic report in EM12c R4, using BI Publisher

Oracle Enterprise Manager 10 - 11g - 12c

Configure BI Publisher and Setup BIP Security

As you might already know, EM12c introduces the ability to create reports using BI Publisher. You should also be aware of the fact that the Information Publisher option (the ‘out of box’ reports that have been in Enterprise Manager since release 10) might not be there in a next major release of EM. 19 more words

Oracle Enterprise Manager 10 - 11g - 12c

Consolidation Planner

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Consolidation Planner is a great tool that helps you plan and consolidate multiple targets on to a single machine such as Oracle Exadata. 56 more words

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Reducing Downtime While Patching Multi-OMS Environments

Enterprise Manager has now been released for a few weeks, as well as the OMS Bundle patches (also known as System patches). If you plan to apply these bundle patches to your OMS, and you are concerned about the downtime, then, you can reduce the downtime by referring to this… 23 more words

Oracle Enterprise Manager 10 - 11g - 12c