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Chem trails, weather, water, military

Our skies are being injected with extra clouds. Brown clouds, black clouds, various shape clouds from bursts, or other configurations. Geo-engineering without our permission..

They are artificially interfering with the skies. 13 more words

Fight For Humanity

The Great Reveal

Back from two weeks in the Swiss Alps and it’s time to start working ┬ámy way through over 1,300 new image files, plus iPhone images. That’s going to take some time! 427 more words


Lapping Waves

I took another timelapse, this time I got some waves lapping at the shore of lake Ontario. I managed to get the fibres I didn’t notice until it was too late for my solar eclipse lapse, and this time I had a better command of my format conversion software. 15 more words

Cloud Cover

Eclipse Timelapse

I tried out my new shutter timer on the partial solar eclipse visible from where I am today. I would have gotten better footage with an ND filter, I find in retrospect, since it hit my camera’s capacity to handle bright light only to catch a glimpse of the bite taken out of the sun behind its still-blinding glare. 28 more words