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Global Warming

Scientists stunned to find what’s really causing Greenland’s ice loss

Scientists have achieved a tremendous breakthrough in understanding the gradual loss of the Greenland ice sheet, and they’ve determined that clouds are what’s accelerating it. 270 more words



Immediately beneath this sentence is the interface of the ESRL Website at: http://www.esrl.noaa.gov/psd/cgi-bin/data/timeseries/timeseries1.pl

The interrogation that is entered in the form relates to sea surface temperature at 20-40° south latitude around the entire globe (0-360° longitude) taking into account every month of the year adjusting for the reducing circumference of the Earth as latitude increases, presented as a plot. 1,272 more words

Hill of Honey: Forest Recovery on Madagascar’s Central Highlands

This post was co-written by Leighton Reid and Chris Birkinshaw after a three-day field trip in the tampoketsa with Cyprien Mandriamanana and Jeannie Raharimampionona.

A narrow, paved road winds north from Antananarivo through a high, windswept plain.

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Tropical Ecological Restoration

Rocky lives in my soul!!

OMG!! This week I have really felt like my old self, something I never thought would happen – Ever!!!

I do this thing where every morning I try to march on the spot, little baby marches while I brush my teeth.  248 more words

Peter C's Blog

all ’bets are on


about face,
backwards –
cloud cover be

fear will follow.
glow while you
have the skin for
it. don’t tan;

kick the can, and… 60 more words


Could this be the night

Coming under cloud cover

As if to surprise

Soft lull-a-bye winds

Rocks prepare the river beds

Nature’s time to dream

©2015 Annette Rochelle Aben

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Bad Moon

There are spectacular photos of the Perigee Blood Moon out there, but they aren’t mine. I have many bad photos. Some of them came out kinda interesting though (this is what happens when I’m too lazy to carry my tripod around)…