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Playstation Now UK Beta: My Verdict

So here it is; Sony’s Playstation Now service has finally reached good ‘ol Blighty. Well, in beta form, at least. 889 more words

Leap Computing - a complete cloud based virtual desktop environment

There’s a new service, about to take the cloud by storm, It’s called Leap Computing.

Leap Computing uses advanced custom Datacenter hardware, and State of the art proprietary software to enable seamless, high performance Desktop PCs in the cloud. 795 more words

[SURVEY] Tele-Rehabilitation Games on the Cloud: A Survey and a Vision - Full Text PDF

Rehabilitation is an important branch of health care that aims to restore some or all of the patient’s physical, sensory, and/or mental capabilities that were lost due to injury, illness, or disease. 112 more words

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Server-Side Gaming and Cloud Saving Fail

I have always been against all forms of online only DRM, digital only retail, cloud-based play, cloud saving, server-side gaming, and all those “the future of gaming” concepts often praised by technologists and publishers. 366 more words

Video Game Commentary

글로벌 콘솔 게이머들의 필수 아이템 "Twitch"는 왜 Smart TV P/F에는 없을까?

월간 시청자가 45M 이 넘는 방송을 하는 사람만 1M 이 넘는  Amazon에 9억 7천만불에
인수된 twitch를 아시나요? 미국의 Africa TV라고 생각할 수 있겠지만, Twitch는 말그대로, 92 more words


OnLive Cloud Gaming Service Acquired By Sony and Shut Down

OnLive, one of the pioneers in the still nascent cloud gaming space has sold its patents to Sony for an undisclosed sum and will shutting down operations at the end of the month. 222 more words

Sony가 Onlive US IP 140개를 매입했다는 소식 (4/1 - Tech Crunch)

2011년 딱 사년전만 해도 클라우드 게임의 선두 주자이자, 삼성 엘지 모두 라이센스 하고 싶어하던 회사였는데,

어쩌다가 이렇게 되었는지 한때는 기업가치가 16억불에 해당하던 빌리언 클럽이었는데 말이죠.