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A tale of two IT departments, or how cloud governance proves essential in the Bimodal IT era

Welcome to a special BriefingsDirect panel discussion in conjunction with The Open Group’s upcoming conference on July 20, 2015 in Baltimore. Our panel of experts examines how cloud… 5,228 more words

Dana Gardner

Data Privacy, Data Trust and the Internet of Things

I attended an interesting conference yesterday, the Hypercat Summit in London.  The conference was primarily about how new technology and smart systems will affect all aspect of life and business. 621 more words

Cloud Governance

Cloud Governance with Azure

Azure is one of the most popular cloud platforms available today for enterprise level businesses, and it is user-friendly enough for even the small and mid-size companies that need a simple cloud platform. 330 more words

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What is Cloud Governance?

In the business world, companies use insurance to help mitigate their risks and reduce the financial risk of the company in the event of anything bad happening. 321 more words

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If I say Information Governance you ignore it - if I say Cloud Data Governance you listen

An interesting chat with David Horrigan from the 451 Research Group confirmed what I had suspected for a while, that for most companies, large and small, Information Governance, as an IT initiative it still does not feature very highly on their agenda. 730 more words

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What to consider when building a Hybrid Cloud Governance Strategy

There is no doubt Enterprise IT has changed forever over the last two to three years. Even companies who had a “not on cloud” strategy are being forced to re-assess given the economics / ROI that public cloud brings. 813 more words

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Cloud makes control of enterprise content silos key for Enterprises

As the Cloud permeates all aspects of business enterprises in particular are waking up to the cost benefits that Cloud can bring, from outsourced pay-as-you-go applications to cheaper and easier archival, to storage of non sensitive documents and data. 824 more words

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