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Project JEDI

On February 12, 2018,  The Sherlock Report was published describing how $INTC had changed  their business model.   Since that time, several individuals who had access to the information have had returns over 400% using call options.   64 more words

a16z Podcast: The API Economy -- The Why, What, and How

APIs (application programming interfaces), observe the guests in this episode of the a16z Podcast, can be described as everything from Lego building blocks to Tetris to front doors to even veins in the human body. 226 more words

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The World Through an API

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As the API or “application programming interface” becomes the primary interface for business (in much the same way physical storefronts gave way to applications and websites), we’re seeing a new chapter in the story of software emerge.  164 more words


a16z Podcast: Containing the Monolith -- From Microservices to DevOps

What happens when monolithic architectures are broken down into containers and microservices (or when things are broken down into smaller units, not just in infrastructure but perhaps even in company structure too)? 77 more words

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VMware Cybersecurity Testing On The Oracle Ravello Cloud (ORC) Platform Part 1

Last year I reported on the Oracle Ravello Cloud’s (ORC) Bare Metal Infrastructure platform. I was very impressed that it allowed for the acceptance of the vSphere vCenter 6.0 U1  with ease of deployment. 580 more words

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Recommendations on using Terraform to manage Azure resources

If you’ve been working in the cloud infrastructure space for the last few years you can’t have missed the buzz around Hashicorp’s Terraform product. Terraform provides a declarative model for infrastructure provisioning that spans multiple cloud providers as well as on-premises services from the likes of… 1,252 more words


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On-demand, Scaleable VPN Access to AWS

Recent growth in our Managed Services business (driven in part by our acquisition by Telstra) has meant that a number of tools and processes that we have previously taken for granted have had to be re-assessed and re-architected to allow us to scale and maintain the same level of service at low costs. 988 more words