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What about Microsoft Azure Storage?

It’s a good Segway to move from OpenStack Storage to Azure Storage. Core concepts of Object storage remains the same. Azure Blob storage stores large amounts of unstructured data that can be accessed via HTTP (s). 608 more words

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Making Sense of Dell + EMC + VMware

Dell recently announced an agreement to acquire EMC [NYSE: EMC] — and with it, control of VMware [NYSE: VMW] — in a deal valued at $67 billion at the time of the announcement. 7,994 more words

Leveraging Cloud Storage for the Enterprise: Microsoft StorSimple - Part 1

Originally posted on Bobbie’s blog @ www.thecloudguy.info

It’s no secret that one of the biggest pain points for enterprises today is the rapid growth of unstructured data. 1,288 more words

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a16z Podcast: Dell + EMC -- Why the Python Just Ate the Cow

We just witnessed the largest acquisition in tech history, and before Dell made it happen, it would have been hard to imagine. Not so much that the two companies would come together, but that the much smaller Dell would be buying its larger peer EMC. 157 more words

Azure Security Fundamentals: Moving Co-Admins to RBAC

Anyone who has worked with Azure for long enough knows the raised eyebrow response you have gotten from security teams in the past when you describe how you can enforce separation of duties and least privilege when it comes to Azure subscription and service management. 887 more words

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OMD! Oh Massive Data, Object Storage with Swift

In my Storage series of blogs, I have articulated the challenges with the hyper growth of unstructured data. Traditional storage system don’t efficiently scale… 586 more words

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What is OpenStack Cinder up-to with Ceph's innovations?

Continuing from my last post, and moving on to storage innovation in open cloud (hold on, my Azure storage blog is coming soon!). I usually start with fundamentals and if you are not familiar with OpenStack, it is built up from many different modules that cover virtual machines/compute (Nova), object storage (Swift), block storage (Cinder), networking (Neutron), dashboard (Horizon), identity services (Keystone), image services (Glance), orchestration (Heat) etc. 466 more words

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