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The “Biogeochemical Reactor” – The Interactions between Biosphere and Atmosphere in Amazon Rainforest Cloud Formation

Some of the most breath taking images of the Amazon involve cloud formations, whether it be the stratus cloud mists that seem to rise out of the rainforest itself, or rolling cumulonimbus clouds that herald rain. 1,207 more words


From the Street to the Gallery: The Art of Tony Thompson

Tony Thompson is an emerging artist with a unique vision, an unusual history, and a back-story that would have derailed most young artists. Now residing in Utica, Tony Thompson was born in Lynchburg, VA, and raised in Syracuse.   401 more words

welcome rain #550

That number 550 means it’s the 550th entry on my blog, which has short essays as well as poems. According to my poems database, their number is nearing 600. 306 more words


Cape Flyaway ... #531

In the days of sailing ships, which navigated with inaccurate maps and no radar, sailors were often deceived by distant clouds which looked like real capes on the horizon. 245 more words


love in a fog #527

love in a fog

The fog covers the town, not like a creature
whose tendrils curl about us, but something passive,
a soggy blanket, holding in not warmth… 87 more words


I knew this girl # 508

This little thing appeared in my consciousness as i was lying down for my after-lunch nap.  I wrote it out as soon as I woke up and went to the computer. 145 more words