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IDC Romania  is announcing the 3rd edition of Cloud Computing Roadshow 2013, organized in September 26, at Bucharest Intercontinental Hotel.

After several years of investments in the development of the cloud by service providers, the cloud has moved beyond the hype in CEE and has become a viable option for enhancing business agility, efficiency and driving innovation in enterprise IT.  128 more words

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10 Post-Installation Tweaks to Hyper-V

My last blog on post-installation tweaks for vSphere was a hit! So, I thought this would be a great opportunity to do the same for Microsoft Hyper-V. 125 more words


10 Tweaks You Should Make to vSphere, Post-Installation

For the most part, I live in a world of default configurations. There are, however a number of small tweaks that I do to ESXi hosts after they have been installed to customize my configuration. 157 more words


The Virtualization landscape has changed – Is it time to review your strategy?

We’ve all heard it “Do more with Less.” I’m dating myself, but it’s such a stark contrast to the days of the dot.com boom where IT seemed like it could get any investment it needed.  199 more words


Cloud Computing in Education

For those in the education sector, “the cloud” can seem like a nebulous and unattainable technology goal, used only by large enterprises and corporations. But the cloud has the power to drastically advance the goals of the educational system: to make it easier for institutions to empower their students to succeed while at the same time cutting costs and expanding accessibility. 111 more words


Is Your Business Ready for a Private Cloud?

Private cloud. The cloud infrastructure is provisioned for exclusive use by a single organization comprising multiple consumers (e.g., business units). It may be owned, managed, and operated by the organization, a third party, or some combination of them, and it may exist on or off premises. 217 more words