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Cloud Security Services Is The Future Now!

Most of the businesses and services are now banking on the cloud servers. That’s because it enables them to efficiently manage things to increase the performance of their company. 372 more words

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Cloud Overtakes Distributed Computing !

Models of Distributed Computing :

  1.   Cluster Computing model: Cluster can be defined as a group of elements. Cluster computing can be defined as the same, but here it’s a group of stand-alone systems connected in a particular topology.
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The top five cloud security myths debunked

Increasingly businesses are moving their data and applications to the cloud. But there are always concerns about how secure the information is.Network security company Portnox has put together an infographic looking at some of the myths surrounding cloud security and explaining why they’re ill-founded. 8 more words

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Major attacks on Cloud Computing with countermeasures. 

Cloud computing is one of the most important newer developments in the information systems.The primary concern that gets the organizations to adopt the Cloud Computing technology is cost reduction through optimized and proficient processing,  however, there are different vulnerabilities and dangers in Cloud Computing that influence its security. 300 more words

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SSL certificate are actually TLS

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) and TLS stands for Transport Security Layer (TLS). TLS is just an updated, more secure , version of SSL. What Symantec provides is still called as SSL certificates but when we buy SSL from symantac we are actually buying the most up to date TLS certificates with the option of ECC,RSA or DSA encryption. 32 more words

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Information Security for SMB

Once upon a time, the information security was considered an option for big enterprises and it was held that there is nothing for small and medium businesses (SMB) to worry about cyber attacks as cybercriminals are not interested in them. 51 more words

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Thales strengthens its multi-cloud data security portfolio - IT SECURITY GURU

Thales, a leader in critical information systems, cybersecurity and data security, is making it easier for organisations to manage and secure their data in multi-cloud environments. 58 more words

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