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I tend to perk up when I hear or read about cloud seeding. When I came across Amanda Little’s Business Week article about ice seeding clouds in India to avoid droughts, I even felt a little nostalgic. 338 more words

Beyond Food-This is the Air we Breathe

This picture popped up in my news feed, if it were not from US Severe network I would have assumed it was photoshopped. These are Undulatus Asperatus a newly discovered cloud formation. 433 more words

Record rain in the UAE achieved thanks to clouds seeding

If you are wondering why it rained so much this winter in the UAE, the answer might be more surprising of what you can possibly think. 274 more words

United Arab Emirates

Chemtrails--Where Every Day Is Halloween

By Raechel Gladstone-Gelman

From time to time, I look up—really up—when driving and walking, and am reminded that my messages to Kathleen Wynne continue to be ignored. 644 more words

Geoengineering & environmental Armageddon — The truth shall make you fret...

The following is a review of some articles I have recently collected regarding the rapidly deteriorating condition of our planet and the relentless attacks of the powers that be unto its inhabitants and ultimately all forms of life. 1,013 more words

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Scientists are making it rain in Abu Dhabi (Video)

This was looked at as a conspiracy theory not so long ago…


Man-Made Nature?

The quiet sound of pitter pattering on a window sill, it is calming and melodic. What if there was a way to create rain though? No not like the Disney Channel Movie… 562 more words