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No longer a conspiracy: Company offers services to control the weather

Controlling the weather is no longer a prospect of the future; it is becoming part of our current reality. Cloud seeding, which is quite a controversial practice, is moving into the spotlight now that it is available to the world’s wealthy elite. 463 more words


China Dumps $30 Million Into Weather Modification Program, Seeding Clouds With Chemicals To Create Rainfall

For those seeking more information about this subject please watch the eye-opening Documentary:

What In The World Are They Spraying

Source: NaturalNews.com
Daniel Barker
August 3, 2016… 675 more words


SEEDING THE CLOUD: Creating New Opportunities for Learning

The concept of cloud computing has sparked enormous interests and attentions during the latter part of the first decade of 21st century when service providers increased internet speed and bandwidth. 1,161 more words

Distance Education

Cloud Seeding Conducted in Tasmania amidst Flood Warnings

On June 5th this year, the town of Ouse in Tasmania suffered severe floods that claimed the life of eighty one year old farmer Trevor Foster. 1,158 more words


Those Floods We Had Recently: Did Cloud-Seeding Do the Trick?

 Prime Minister Turnbull inspects flooding at Tamar River in Launceston

by Mark Wilhelm

Hydro Tasmania used cloud-seeding to create rain in spite of a forecast of heavy rain. 690 more words


Science pierces riddle of why clouds form

Clouds formed at sea are key to regulating atmospheric temperatures, and scientists now understand more of the chemistry involved.  …vital cogs … utterly invisible and they traffic in potent chemicals on an unbelievable scale.They make the dimethyl sulphide molecules that waft skywards  138 more words