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Clouds with Silver (Iodide) Linings?

Chemtrails get a bad rap.

I don’t find it so hard to believe that aerosols are being released into the atmosphere, but my train of thought on the subject runs along a different set of tracks. 2,295 more words


July 4: The Birthday of Vincent Schaefer

Today is the birthday of atmospheric scientist Vincent Schaefer, born in 1906. As a scientist at General Electric in Schenectady, New York, he invented cloud seeding, a method of seeding super-cooled clouds with dry ice. 211 more words

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Lawmakers Seek Geoengineering Disclosure for Rhode Island

Phillip Schneider, Staff
Waking Times

In a battle to halt government sponsored wide-scale climate modification, also known as ‘solar radiation management,’ two Rhode Island legislators have introduced a bill that seeks to stop geoengineering in the state. 617 more words


Rio Grande Roundtable meeting recap

From The Alamosa News (Ruth Heide):

Although there are currently no cloud seeding operations in the San Luis Valley, some folks believe this might be a good place for it.

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Five Reasons Cloud Seeding Should Be Illegal - ClimateViewer TV ep. 7

Weather Modification as a weapon of war will supersede nuclear weapons as the greatest weapon ever created.

Cloud seeding is only the first step.

Reasons Cloud Seeding Should Be Illegal: 257 more words

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Researchers discuss cloud seeding efforts

Cloud seeding and its potential to increase snowpack levels were a main topic of discussion during a joint meeting of the Western Snow Conference and Weather Modification Association. 38 more words

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• Natural rainfall occurs when supercooled cold water contacts particles of dust, salt or sand forming ice crystals. The ice crystals provide a nucleus… 312 more words

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