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Nevada is Seeding Clouds With Drones

Nevada is not a State that is known for rain, but local officials are looking to change that. Earlier this week State officials said they are within weeks of making a major breakthrough on their efforts to… 113 more words

After years of “weather modification” being derided as a conspiracy theory, China announces massive weather control campaign

by Daniel Barker | NewsTarget | Feb 2, 2017

Mention the term “weather modification” in polite company and you’re likely to be immediately dismissed as some kind of conspiracy nut. 627 more words

Climate Hoax

Controlling the Weather - WIF Mad Science

People Who Tried

to Control

the Weather

We have to realize that weather, in all its forms, has influenced and shaped humanity in every conceivable way… 2,789 more words


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<<<Weather Modification Preliminary Research Thread>>>

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Pilot of Weather Modification plane dies in crash south of Fargo… 1,360 more words

The Incredible True Story of Artificial Clouds and Weather Modification

Note: Header image captured over the Rangitikei in 2013


Published on Sep 12, 2012


Climatologists vastly underestimate the amount of deliberate weather modification programs, erroneously believing them to be occasional “experiments,” and unaware that THOUSANDS of planned weather modification events occur every year in the U.S. 482 more words


Floods and water levels rising

When I walked  along bodies of water dammed on the Derwent River such as Lake King William, I remarked on the low water levels, showed photos of deep barren shores, and posted about the coming danger to Tasmania’s electricity supply.  481 more words

Derwent River

Cloud seeding

If only that were all !!!   Im very ill today again ! I watched two jets spraying Chemtrails this morning, I know these illegitimate sons are out to kill!!! 112 more words

Broken Cisterns