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UW Researcher Leads Study of First Quantifiable Observation of Cloud Seeding

From the University of Wyoming:

A University of Wyoming researcher contributed to a paper that demonstrated, for the first time, direct observation of cloud seeding — from the growth of the ice crystals through the processes that occur in the clouds to the eventual fallout of the ice crystals that become snow — and how the impacts could be quantified.

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Colorado Water

A Vonnegut Biography, and Oh By The Way, Time Crystals

As a Baby Boomer coming of age in the 70s, I held Kurt Vonnegut dear to my heart. Here was a sci fi writer who bravely broke out of the genre with his lauded novel… 539 more words

Book Review

Cloud seeding your data: When the internet isn't fast enough for your migration

“Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes hurtling down the highway.”–Andrew Tanenbaum, 1981

That was true then, and it’s true now. 508 more words


Clouds with a Silver Lining: Seeding Storms to Boost the #ColoradoRiver -- @COindependent #COriver

From The Colorado Independent (H20 Radio):

Clouds with a Silver Lining: Seeding Storms to Boost the Colorado River

In much of the West, demand for water is projected to outpace supply, especially in the Colorado River basin, which provides drinking water to over 40 million people.

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Colorado Water

Sequential Surface-Modification of Graphene Oxide

The formation and growth of ice crystals is considered to be a critical issue in aerospace and automotive industries as well as in cryopreservation of cells. 612 more words

2D Materials

An alternative theory to the 'Chilean UFO' controversy and commentary on the recent video from NY Times

Piqued by the recent NY Times article I did a little digging to find any other allegedly ‘real’ videos of UFO’s or UAP’s. That’s how I discovered the… 979 more words

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