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1959 Disney film about weather modification - "weather control will both enrich & safeguard our daily lives"

“In the world of tomorrow weather control will both enrich & safeguard our daily lives. In the foreseeable future we will conquer more than violent storms, we will turn the destructive elements of today into new sources of power, shaping the land on which we live.

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My First: Cloud Seeding Flight!

When you are sitting on a road, waiting for a storm while in the middle of nowhere for a storm chase the rush of adrenaline is the only thing you feel as the lightning strikes. 608 more words

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Artificial rain- cloud seeding

In certain parts of Tamilnadu, during June-August,2015,the rainfall has been so negligible that farming operations have not been undertaken. If the rain starts in September, it may in some cases be too late for sowing certain seeds.Even drinking water for humans and animals has become a big problem. 120 more words

It turns out we've been trying to control the weather since forever

Don’t let the recent hype¬†around geoengineering fool you — our attempts to control the world’s weather and climate way, way predate our current climate crisis. 183 more words

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Weather and Climate Modification (Book)

Check this out!

via Harry Rhodes:

Amazing evidence! Just received this old book I purchased on-line. Its from 1973 National Academy of Sciences Washington DC. 141 more words


My Job This Summer!

For the past two months I have been living in Bowman, ND and will be living here until the beginning of September. While I’m here I’m using my meteorology degree for something pretty cool… Cloud Seeding. 725 more words

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Here’s a video from 1959 by Walt Disney on weather modification. It’s important to mention that Werner von Braun had a lot of leeway on what he could and could not say in this area. 33 more words