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CSCC 클라우드 도입 확산 가이드

우리나라 기업들도 이제 클라우드 도입이 본격화될 시점에 온 것 같습니다. 정부에서도 “클라우드컴퓨팅 발전 및 이용자 보호에 관한 볍률”을 제정하여 금년 9월 28일 시행에 들어갑니다. 아래 사이트로 가면 동 볍률의 조문을 다운로드할 수 있습니다.

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Telstra to offer SoftLayer cloud access to Australian customers #telcocloud

Source: Business Cloud News

Telstra and IBM have announced a partnership that will see the Australian telco offer access to SoftLayer cloud infrastructure to customers in Australia. 320 more words

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The Cloud Could Be Your Best Security Bet

Conventional IT wisdom says that you’re safer and more secure when you control your own on-premises datacenter. Yet if you think about every major data breach over the last two years, whether Anthem, Sony, JPMorgan or Target, all involved on-premises datacenters, not the cloud. 85 more words


Azure: Download all remote desktop files from a cloud service

This script will download all remote desktop files for a cloud service. Can be useful after configuring Remote Desktop-endpoints on several machines, or after a cloud service has changed its Public IP. 119 more words


Security and SLAs limiting cloud uptake in MENA, IT head says #cloudmena

Source: Business Cloud News

Despite strong projected growth, cloud services uptake in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) could be hampered by the speed at which local cloud service providers adopt new security controls, … 533 more words

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Azure Tips: Things to consider when setting up services in Microsoft Azure

This post will try to describe some important things to consider when designing a VM-infrastructure in Microsoft Azure, and may save you some work with having to recreate a bunch of VMs after an incorrect pre-configuration of the services. 426 more words