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Here’s how you should choose a Cloud Service Provider for your Business

Finding a reliable platform to host your business data securely is one of the foremost things you need to consider to get your business up and running. 390 more words

Cloud Service

What is the best cloud service for small business?

The best cloud service provider can be hard to find as it is. But if you have a small business, then the process of identifying a good service provider may end up being even more difficult. 475 more words


Cloud computing

we used to spend our day on a physical device that was dedicated to just our own – we applications, data, and all logged  in a single space. 267 more words

Cloud solutions: Solve Your Data Storage Problem with Advanced Tools and Features

Are you still using the old technology and systems to store your company data? If yes then it is the time to get familiar with the new and advanced data storage systems and platforms. 310 more words

Cloud Computing

Protecting your Client Data is Smart Business

Client Data or PHI security is one of the biggest challenges facing healthcare companies. With the ubiquity of technology, today’s therapist employs several device in her daily routine. 1,211 more words


3 Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Migrating to the Cloud

In recent years, cloud computing has emerged as a go-to business operation model for organisations and entrepreneurs alike. Companies that integrated with cloud web hosting… 465 more words

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Cloud Myths 101

“Don’t believe everything you hear” – This statement basically fits in everywhere, even when we talk about cloud computing. A lot of IT personnel fall prey to information which more often than not, come out as either false or incomplete…read more

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