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The Network Division utilizes the Cloud when it is the best solution.  For many things Cloud solutions are wonderful, but for many they are not. 238 more words

Network Division

How beneficial is cloud computing? 8 simple ways – Viremp

People sometimes wonder what is cloud computing and what benefits it possesses for businesses and organizations. Well let’s just answer the first one in a simplified way, computing which is based on the internet is known as cloud computing. 25 more words


Cloud Overtakes Distributed Computing !

Models of Distributed Compting :

  1. Cluster Computing model : Cluster can de defined as a group of elements. Cluster computing can be defined as the same, but here it’s a group of stand-alone systems connected in a particular topology.
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Zoho Workplace: My Favorite FREE Replacement for Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office has been the leading word processing/spreadsheet/presentation program for a couple of decades, maybe longer. It is powerful, feature-rich, and able to create files that are universally compatible with all sorts of other programs. 2,040 more words

Cloud Services

Secrets of Cloud

Every technology, new or old has its pros and cons. The problem is we only focus on the technology’s good aspects and ignore the bad aspects. 224 more words

"Working In" The Cloud is about Sharing

As you know we are coming up on the Tenth Anniversary of the iPhone, part of that celebration includes iCloud,  it was the introduction of the smartphone and tablet which created the need for “cloud services” to handle “scattered data” 195 more words


Understanding IoT With The Help of Cloud Concepts !

Internet Of Things(IoT) and cloud computing, both these technologies are tightly coupled and provide services which are delivered by the internet. Cloud Computing acts as a front end to help IoT succeed. 161 more words