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Where’s you’re pressure gauge?
Relax and shake it off
Find the beauty in the sky
Lay back and enjoy the ride


Why selection of the right cloud stack and services catalogue integration will be important to businesses and IT organisations?

Enterprises in Asia have started the adoption of cloud solutions and related business cases are being developed, whereas cloud adoption has been fairly advanced in other regions… 632 more words

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Open Source の調査:ユーザーによる主導性の確立が、人々と組織を惹きつける

Open Source: It’s about Security, Quality and Features, not just Cost
By Dick Weisinger – May 6, 2014

Open Source software gained early popularity because it was free.  But today, Open Source is more often being used by businesses for other reasons.  Reasons like security, quality, and features. 332 more words


The Daily Sky - Day 71

Project 365: Day 71

I know it hardly looks like the sky, but trust me, it is.  I took 240 shots of the sky today and stacked them into this image.   18 more words

Project 365

The Daily Sky - Day 70

Project 365: Day 70

Ok, this is a bit of an experiment using long exposures and star stacking software.  The end result is not what I had in mind, but it’s a start.   24 more words

Project 365

2013年 : OpenStack の マトメ

着実に成長した1年だが、ライバルたちも強力だ ・・・

2012年11月に Gartner から発行された、IaaS Magic Quadrant の抄訳として、以前に『 Gartner の IaaS マーケット論評 : その 15 社とは?』をポストしましたが、その中で OpenStack の存在が言及されていたのは、わずか 2社のみでした。具体的には、SoftLayer と Rackspace となりますが、前者は IBM に買収され、そのクラウド・ビジネスの中核に置かれ、後者は OpenStack の旗振り役として、プレゼンスを発揮してきました。 そして、つい先日ですが、以下のような動きが生じています(英文へのリンク)。 94 more words


CloudU™ Lesson 3*: The Cloud Computing Stack

These are notes from Lesson 3 of CloudU ™

A Cloud in the computing sense is simply an assemblage of services and applications that businesses use for their operations. 895 more words

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