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NAS Market to Grow

At ElephantDrive, we are huge fans of Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices.  As a cloud backup, sync, and sharing platform, we are focused on helping users migrate their data into the cloud.  153 more words


Dropbox, K2 and IFTTT too


“It’s like a USB stick but on the Internet and you can access your files from anywhere” that is now someone first introduced Dropbox to me, and to be fair it’s exactly that, well it was then and now it has additional features but it’s pretty much the same and that isn’t a bad thing. 1,608 more words


The tragedy of iTunes: Nothing 'just works'

”When the developer Erik Kemp designed the first metadata system for MP3s in 1996, he provided only three options for attaching text to the music,” Robinson Meyer writes for The Atlantic. 860 more words


Dear Apple, please go thermonuclear on iTunes

Apple needs “to adopt the same approach for OS X as it does for iOS, splitting out the various iTunes functions into separate apps,” Ben Lovejoy writes for 9to5Mac. 483 more words


Cloud Storage Strategies

“Cloud” more accurately refers to a marketable service than it refers to any specific technology. Yes, cloud storage handles backups on remote discs, but so does the vast majority of the internet. 321 more words


10 Points To Consider While Migrating To The Cloud

A study conducted late last year by IDG Enterprise, a US-based digital-centric media company, revealed that nearly 70 percent of all businesses had adopted the Cloud by the end of 2014, in some way or the other. 725 more words

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