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Are We A Society Of Digital Hoarders?

I feel I owe the internet some sort of apology. Estimates from a couple of years ago state that the internet is comprised of approximately… 821 more words

Cloud Storage

Power consumption in data centers and online cameras

There’s an interesting article linked below that talks about the internet of things and the potential for net negative power consumption after more and more devices go online. 465 more words


Cloud storage? It’s all about compute

One of the fastest growing business in the service provider space is with any doubt BaaS: Backup as a Service. This happens for two main reasons: it’s a much needed service for several companies looking for a cheap and easy way to consume an offsite location for their backups (thus easily f… 6 more words

The Top Five Cloud Storage Options for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur you want to spend your time worrying about the important things like your company’s growth and bottom line, not data storage. Cloud storage has increased drastically in popularity among small business owners, details a study conducted by SugarSync, and choosing the right o… 6 more words

How to access Amazon S3 cloud storage from command line in Linux

Amazon S3 is a cloud storage provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon S3 publishes a set of web services interfaces, upon which many third-party commercial services or client software are developed. 23 more words

Box CEO Aaron Levie Is Serious About the Cloud, but Not So Much About Himself (Full Video)

Box, the cloud company that helps corporations store, manage and share their information, is still losing money since floating an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange earlier this year, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. 139 more words