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I've been SmugMugged

With only a few days left in my two week evaluation of SmugMug I was faced with a decision.

Would I opt to pay for SmugMug, which lacks features I really enjoy but has some… 499 more words


Google Cloud Platform Launches New Cold Storage Service

More Google: Google Cloud Platform is getting a new cold storage service. “If you know your Google Cloud Storage, the launch of a new cold storage service may surprise you. 77 more words

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Amazon Launches Family Vault for Photo, Video Storage

If you’re looking for a place to stash your photos, and you’re an Amazon Prime member, you might want to check out the new Family Vault offering… 72 more words

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Google's Cloud Platform gets new a cold storage service

At an event in London today Google announced a couple of updates to its cloud storage services. The most important of these is the launch of Coldline, a new cold storage service for archival data, but the company also announced its new Regional storage service and the rebranding of its Standard storage under the “Multi-Region” moniker. 551 more words


Be on cloud nine with the Cloud service.

If we think about data storage, file management, data management and data computing we think of Cloud storage service. Cloud computing is believed to be invented by… 536 more words

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Is GoPro’s Market Dominance Set to Topple?

When it comes to action cameras, GoPro is pretty much the dominant brand on the market. Generations of action and sports enthusiasts have embraced the company’s cameras and accessories, with the fifth generation of their signature product, the Hero, finally… 417 more words

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