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CD and DVD ROM: endangered species

“Technology is like a fish. The longer it stays on the shelf, the less desirable it becomes.”
– Andrew Heller

The image below represent blank CD and DVD towers.

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Box buys small security startup to court more risk-averse clients

Fresh off its IPO in January, Box has made its first acquisition of the year, buying a small security startup called Subspace, the company… 283 more words

How Can You Use Enterprise Video Solutions To Take Your Recruitment Process To A New Level?

Recruiting the right people and hiring them to work for your company to carry out your mission is important to how successful you can become. However, as important as this task is, some companies are not aware of the steps they should take in order to make this happen. 313 more words


‘Apocalypse-Proof’ Storage Now Available

One of the world’s oldest storage devices was found in a cave. The information encoded on it was still in relatively good shape, considering its age. 1,757 more words

Upload fun and file extensions

It is interesting in how simple it is to screw up basic functionality if you never use it.

I have a fairly old installation of OpenSuSE on my computer at home and I want to upgrade it to the most recent version. 301 more words


4 Reasons why I Moved From Dropbox to Google Drive

When talking about cross-platform file synchronization, the first service comes up in my mind is Dropbox. However, it is not the service I use. I use Google Drive as my cloud storage instead. 581 more words