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vCenter server to vCenter Virtual Appliance convertor - VCS to VCVA convertor

Since Vmware vSphere 6 is released the vCenter Virtual appliance (VCVA) has the same specifications as the Vmware vCenter installed on windows (VCS). So you can install the VC virtual appliance without to worry about limitations and also one windows server license less to buy. 164 more words


vCenter Server Appliance 5.x

The vCenter Server Appliance is good for small business to start with. VMware raised the limit from 5 ESX host en 50 VM to 100 ESX host and 3000 VM’s and this all with the embedded database. 176 more words


The Vmware VirtualCenter Service terminated unexpectedly - event 7031

After a week of installing vcenter 5.5, I noticed the event 7031 in the system logs and the vi client keeps disconnecting every few seconds. 490 more words