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Special Live Podcast: What does Converged, Hyperconverged, Hybrid Cloud, etc... Really Mean?

Storage Switzerland will tackle one of the biggest challenges facing IT professionals today during a special, live podcast. We will explain what vendors mean when they use terms like converged, hyperconverged, hybrid cloud, instant recovery, continuous data protection, the list goes on. 64 more words


Yes, You Can Use a Single Service Registry for .NET and Java Microservices

Years ago, I could recall lots of phone numbers from memory. Now? It’d be tough to come up with more than two. There’s so many ways to contact each person that I know (phone, email(s), Twitter, WhatsApp, etc) and I depend… 1,746 more words


Microsoft's Docs.com is sharing dangerously sensitive personal files, information

If you use Microsoft’s Docs.com to store personal documents, stop reading this and make sure you aren’t inadvertently leaking your private information to the world. 95 more words


How to use a Data Fabric to Power Your Cloud Workloads

More workloads are moving to the cloud every day, and those workloads require data. As mentioned in previous blogs, a data fabric is one way to ensure that all of your data is available everywhere you need it. 648 more words


What the enterprise cloud really means

For years people like me have carped that not only is the public cloud a small slice of IT spending, but the big public clouds are also much more likely to attract startups or other digital natives as customers instead of conventional enterprises. 183 more words



The purpose of this blog is to record the growing up stage of my son Chrysander Cloud.  He was born June of 2014 under C-section in one of the hospital in our city.    33 more words

Abstract Cloud - Fog: Set up

In this series I’m going to show you how to use the Fog Cloud Abstraction Library to manage cloud services in code (or on the command line). 738 more words