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AWS wants to dominate beyond the public cloud with Lambda updates

Amazon Web Services’ big Re:Invent conference in Las Vegas brought a plethora of new features and upgrades to its cloud platform. But there was one key set of upgrades that set the stage for Amazon’s expansion outside its own public cloud data centers. 80 more words


Transforming the Intelligent Transport Network to Cloud Scale

By Pravin Mahajan, Director of Product Marketing

The telecom industry continues to undergo significant transformation, with another year of rapid change in 2016. We saw multiple service provider mergers and acquisitions, while new services and technologies emerged – 5G, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and more. 1,068 more words


Differentiable neural computers

@tachyeonz : Neural networks excel at pattern recognition and quick, reactive decision-making, but we are only just beginning to build neural networks that can think slowly – that is, deliberate or reason using knowledge. 24 more words


When Is Remote Management the Right Move for Your Industrial Application?

@tachyeonz : Remote monitoring technology has grown in sophistication by leaps and bounds over the past few years due to the proliferation of high-speed Internet and smart mobile devices. 21 more words


Spatial helps users navigate like a native

@tachyeonz : Lyden Foust was an ethnographer traveling the world on behalf of corporations, living in a city for months at a time to learn what he could, and reporting back to the people who hired him. 21 more words


Nuts and Bolts of Applying Deep Learning (Andrew Ng)

@tachyeonz : The talks at the Deep Learning School on September 24/25, 2016 were amazing. I clipped out individual talks from the full live streams and provided links to each below in case that’s useful for people who want to watch specific talks several times (like I do). 28 more words


An example machine learning notebook

@tachyeonz : This notebook was written by Dr. Randal S. Olson from GitHub. In this notebook, Randal is going to go over a basic Python data analysis pipeline from start to finish to show you what a typical data science workflow looks like. 21 more words