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Lifecycle Management and DevOps for Oracle Databases - The Cloud Way by Shay Shmeltzer

Databases play a critical role in most software project architecture. However it seems that the concepts of agile methodology, version management, and continuous delivery are somehow less mature in the world of DBAs and database developers. 276 more words


Real-time Monitoring of Electrocardiogram and Wireless Transmission of Biometric Data to the Cloud Becomes a Reality

Monitoring the electrical activity heart using an electrocardiogram (ECG) could provide useful information on heart rate and rhythm. Any abnormality in the  rhythm or irregularity in heart beat can be considered as a sign of problem due to high blood pressure or myocardial infarction or coronary occlusion. 309 more words

Real-time Monitoring

2 minute guide to setup Nginx on Centos7 (advance configurations)

NGINX is a high performance web server with much more flexibility and lightweight program than any other. It can be configured really secure and smooth with number of advance configurations. 881 more words


43.1 Two Color Studies: Incoming Storm

Another study in Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Umber.  These are really good colors for portraying cold and wintry conditions.  Brr!  Where I live, we have had weather in the 80s for much of January and February, so a break from the heat is much needed.  7 more words


Our future- Which belongs to AI and Data

Almost all tech savvy people these days know about the potential of cloud computing technology and how cloud platform has already affected businesses by effectively storing data and balancing the existing workloads is also known. 1,058 more words