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Spring is coming and so are changes...

I’m really fired up about an exciting change in my career and the opportunities and challenges ahead. I’ve been lucky to have worked with an amazing group over the past 19 months as we re-orged, renamed, went through acquisition transition, and re-orged again…all while maintaining focus and productivity as a group. 308 more words


Devotional - Exodus 24.15


Exodus 24.15

Then Moses went up on the mountain, and the cloud covered the mountain.

I like having a plan. Whether Lindsey and I are preparing to travel with Elijah, or the church is hosting an event, or even just putting together the order of worship for Sunday mornings, I like having a plan. 468 more words

Old Testament

Restarting Syslog Service on ESXi

Syslogs, we all use them in some form or another, and most places have their syslogs going to a collection server like Splunk or VMware’s own… 360 more words


Cisco UCS Director and the PowerShell Agent - Part 2

In this blog post, we will be discussing how to utilize the Cisco PowerShell Agent and the provide Cisco UCS Director task, Execute PowerShell Command… 908 more words


Unable to remove Office 365 Domain

With Cloud on the ‘loose’, Microsoft has offered a very flexible platform which allows organizations to easily subscribe for trials or even register for a tenant on the fly. 256 more words

Office 365

What Backup Software Should I Use? - is the wrong question

The question of what backup software application should an organization use comes up all the time on the online forums I visit on LinkedIn and Spiceworks. 623 more words


Where is the cloud workplace on the technology adoption life cycle?

In 1962 Everett Rogers proposed a generalized model of technology adoption, which described how new ideas and technologies spread, in his book Diffusion of Innovations… 1,331 more words