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Skills and temperament drive success in cloud-based data science

Cloud-based data science is about more than data. Success demands curiosity, fearlessness, a desire to dig deep for answers, and a penchant for telling stories. 44 more words

Business Intelligence

That app you love, part 9: Storage and statefulness

Welcome to the ninth installment of That App You Love, a blog series in which I show you how to you can make almost any app into a first-class cloud citizen. 1,580 more words


Docker project: Can you have overlay2 speed and density with devicemapper? Yep.

It’s been a while since our last deep-dive into the Docker project graph driver performance.  Over two years, in fact!  In that time, Red Hat engineers have made major strides in improving container storage: 1,228 more words

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Don't let company politics derail your cloud plans

It’s Tuesday morning. You’re running a multi-million-dollar cloud transformation project, moving more than a thousand workloads to the public cloud. You’re called into a meeting and told that your budget has been frozen until finance, legal, and compliance have had a chance to review the project. 168 more words


#CensusFail isn't IBM's Fault - the ABS can't count

This week Senate Estimates have held sessions investigating the debacle that was #CensusFail in Australia.  You may have heard about it

IBM, in conjunction with the Australian Bureau of Statistics, built the system to handle what was supposed to be the first majority online Census in Australia.   577 more words


The RTC Work Item Command Line On Bluemix

I was talking to a customer recently. They are using the WorkItem Command Line for some automation purposes. Since this can trigger e-mail notifications to a huge amount of users they wanted to use the new… 464 more words


keeping your Business network safe

These days, almost every business is connected to the Internet. Some company processes even rely on good connection. Even though the Internet has become an integral part of a business, it has its fair share of risks. 390 more words