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Beware of bind mounting Docker daemon

TLDR; If you pull a docker image which requires to bind mount /var/run/docker.sock turn around and run a hundred miles! ….well almost :)

Always be mindful of what you put in the command line when trying to run any docker container. 224 more words


Microsoft’s SignalR real-time service moves to the cloud

Version 2.4.0 of the ASP.Net SignalR real-time communications library will support Azure SignalR Service, a managed service for adding real-time web functionality to applications.

ASP.Net SignalR 2.4.0 is due later this year; Azure SignalR Service currently is in beta. 117 more words


The First Step in Cloud DR is Cloud Backup

“It’s not about backup, it’s about recovery” is a common statement from the marketing departments of backup software suppliers. A recovery can’t be performed without a quality copy of the data. 505 more words


AWS WorkSpaces - Creating an AD Connector

In order to join an AWS WorkSpace to and then login using existing “on-prem” Active Directory domain credentials, a WorkSpace directory using an AD Connector must be created. 1,285 more words