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Cloud Computing Impacts Big and Small

Cloud Computing has changed the way we think of data storage and the use of a computer. An access point for consumer and business applications; effectively changing the way anyone and everyone utilizes computers and the internet. 453 more words


Inevitability of Multi-Tenancy & SAAS in Product Engineering

Servitization of products is about transforming products into services. Services are an integral part of most products. It is important to note that in the services economy that we live in, enterprises have an emphasized focus on services.   2,226 more words


Chapter 3: Case Study 1- Farmville, CastleVille, Ect.: The Infrastructure Behind Social Games

1. What infrastructure components are more critical for Zynga?
In order for Zynga to have functioning, fun and, easy games for social networks it must have databases and a lot of servers to function properly. 388 more words

Gotta love cloud storage

I’ve never lost any data. Ever.

Actually, I tell a lie. I once lost ALL my data. I was recklessly drinking some Becks beer while doing some file management and somehow managed to delete everything from a drive that didn’t have the trash can activated. 1,063 more words


The #Azure Portal A to Z #Cloud

Nice Read : The #Azure Portal A to Z #Cloud

In a nutshell it highlights the key features and capabilities of Microsoft Azure Cloud Offering… 17 more words


Microsoft adds key management to Azure Cloud

Microsoft continues to bulk up its Azure cloud platform, adding a secure key vault for protecting cloud workloads as well as a new set of larger virtual machines and an easier way to deploy Docker-based workloads. 521 more words

The Incredible Lightness Of Cloud Computing

Original article by: Ron Miller (@ron_miller) via techcrunch

I spent a good good part of my weekend clearing my office of a couple of decades of accumulated software. 899 more words