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Cloud computing does not necessarily mean any relation between computers and clouds!

So, what is cloud computing?( Cloud computing basics )

Cloud computing is a kind of Internet-based computing that provides shared processing resources and data to computers and other devices on demand.

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Built.io Flow makes building enterprise integrations easier — TechCrunch

Built.io’s Flow is a drag-and-drop tool for building enterprise integrations. It’s a bit of a mix of Yahoo Pipes (R.I.P.) and IFTTT for connecting services like Salesforce and Marketo to help automate the sales process in an organization, for example.

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Azure Cool: The Cool Kid On the Block

Recently, Azure (MSFT) announced another storage tier in the cloud called ‘Azure Cool’. As the name suggests it is targeted at ‘cool data’.  It seems the industry focus has moved from high performing hot data to glacier age cold data to now cool data.  390 more words


AWS’s Elastic File System is now ready for production use — TechCrunch

Over a year ago, Amazon’s AWS cloud computing unit announced the beta launch of the Amazon Elastic File System (EFS). While AWS already offers a number of cloud storage services in the form of S3, Glacier and Elastic Block Store, the idea behind EFS is to offer AWS users access to a more straightforward file storage system that…

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Chef’s new Habitat project wants to make applications infrastructure-independent — TechCrunch

Chef today launched Habitat, a new open source project that allows developers to package their applications and run them on a wide variety of infrastructures. Habitat essentially wraps applications into their own lightweight runtime environment and then allows you to run them in any environment, ranging from bare metal servers to virtual machines, Docker containers (and their… Read More…

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Easy Tools To Backup Office 365

Whilst there are many feature in cloud-based email providers, such as Office 365, the one key feature I think is missing is a native backup tool.Even the Enterprise level subscriptions do not offer to backup your Office 365 mailbox. 415 more words

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Moving from population-based health to precision medicine with Orion Health — TechCrunch

Orion Health is a New Zealand-founded (now global) provider of technology products developed for the health sector. Orion’s founder and CEO, Ian McCrae, argues that current approaches to patient information are akin to the Victorian era, when a surgeon’s blood-stained uniform was a source of great pride because it showed medical expertise.

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