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Walmartlabs open source OneOps : Continuous App Lifecycle Management tool

Walmart labs announced that it will be open sourcing an in house built and used tool called OneOps. Although the release page can be a bit confusing, the concept of the tool is not that convoluted. 256 more words


Mengenal Cloud Computing

Berbicara mengenai Cloud Computing atau komputasi awan mungkin terdengar sangat asing untuk sebagian orang. Cloud computing sudah ada sejak tahun 2000, ketika internet dijadikan pusat data dan digunakan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari seperti sekarang. 642 more words


A Beginners Guide to Amazon Web Services (AWS) [Infographic]


Here’s a nice visual outlining the basics of cloud computing through Amazon Web Services.

Source: udemy.com


The Emergence of Open Source Software

  1. The pros of having so much open source software available on the internet is that allows software to be revolutionized faster because people are able to freely access it.  
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A healthy cash flow can sometimes prove difficult to sustain, especially if your business has a number of outstanding customer invoices not yet paid. Fortunately, and through the progression of technology, many new and exciting accounting systems have emerged that make shoebox accounting nothing more than an interesting anecdote of a bygone day. 103 more words


Microsoft Azure-How to create Virtual Machine

Sign in to https://portal.azure.com/

Click on New and select Compute.

From the Compute panel, Select Windows Server 2012 R2

Select Classic Deployment Model which is supported in Traditional Portal as well. 190 more words

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