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Data Security in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the important factors for most of the IT and large scale companies, as it is important to secure the sensitive data related to the organisation. 685 more words

Cloud Computing

Mompreneurin' Ain't Easy

Before anything else, I am a mom! With being a mom comes many responsibilities, you aren’t just taking care of yourself now you have a little to pay attention to, problem-solving, and figuring out how to put it in “baby” terms. 267 more words


A dream of Clouds - a prediction on art, war, and aging.

You may not have known, but The Great Wave off Kanagawa is not a painting; it is a print. Thousands were pressed into wooden blocks, and eventually sold globally. 655 more words


Cloud Computing MasterClass (Using AWS)

Cloud Computing changes the way companies look at their digital Infrastructure. Cloud computing with its unique paradigms brings in new opportunities and challenges for developers and administrators worldwide. 430 more words


Cloud development services

Cloud computing has essentially enhanced the usage of technology. It has been a very groundbreaking and challenging innovation for many types of businesses.

The cloud development services we provide will reduce the hurdles that occur whilst sending large attachments to the members of your business. 241 more words

What is one drive, google drive or drop box?

Well before we delve into this it may be useful to take a step back and explain what cloud computing is… Cloud computing is “the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.” 202 more words

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