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Big Data Cluster NTP Tips

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One of the most common problems faced during maintaining or building a big data cluster is NTP configuration, all nodes in a cluster must share the same NTP in order to be all sync. 102 more words


MicroStrategy Desktop connect to Impala


MicroStrategy Desktop 10.11

Cloudera CDH 5.12

Impala 2.x

Steps to connect MicroStrategy Destop to Cloudera Impala:

Best thing about MicroStrategy Desktop unlike Tableau Desktop is it is free to download and use and a powerful BI visualization/query tool. 150 more words


ESRI-GIS Tools for Hadoop

The ESRI GIS Tools for Hadoop are a collection of GIS tools for spatial analysis of big data.



Aggregation Sample for Hive: point-in-polygon-aggregation-hive… 871 more words


BDR between kerberos enabled environment Enabling Replication Between Clusters with Kerberos Authentication

To enable replication between clusters, additional setup steps are required to ensure that the source and destination clusters can communicate.

Note: If either the source or destination cluster is running Cloudera Manager 4.6 or higher, then both clusters (source and destination) must be running 4.6 or higher. 865 more words


Disable all SSL certificate and go back to the initial state

Disable all SSL certificate and go back to initial state.

1. All steps are done as ‘root’ user.

2. If you have passwordless ssh setup on all nodes you can run dcli on any node, otherwise run the dcli commands on Node 1. 892 more words

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Enable SSL over cluster via SAN(subject alternative name)

Step-by-step guide

On BDA V4.5 and higher using certificates signed by a user’s Certificate Authority for web consoles and for Hadoop network encryption is supported. The support includes use of a client’s own certificates signed by the client’s Certificate Authority instead of the default which is to use self-signed certificates generated on the BDA. 5,157 more words

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