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The Relative Cost of Bandwidth Around the World

Over the last few months, there’s been increased attention on networks and how they interconnect. CloudFlare runs a large network that interconnects with many others around the world. 46 more words


Cloud based web application firewall (WAF)

What is it?

It’s pretty much self explanatory.

If you’re looking for a firewall for a small to medium sized web application and you don’t have the expertise or the software/hardware required for a firewall, this may be the solution for you. 223 more words


CloudFlare and the infinite SSL loop

I recently launched a Pivotal hosted web site that required SSL for a few sensitive pages.  Pivotal CloudFoundry doesn’t support personal SSL certificates on their front-end router / load balancer, so they recommend… 578 more words

The Battle of the Routers

There are several simultaneous forces tugging at companies like Cisco which make network routers. Cloud providers like Amazon and CloudFlare are successfully luring large businesses to move their IT functions from local routers to large data centers. 885 more words


Researchers say Superfish is just the beginning of consumers' woes

Superfish, the company that put an unknown number of Lenovo customers at risk with its advertisement injection software, isn’t the only one undermining Web security for profit. 334 more words


Pro-tips for production server setup (when shit hits the roof)

This post is not related to production deployment automation. This post is our voice of experience (read as: major issues caused due by “minor” missing server configurations) and how we resolved them. 958 more words


How to use Cache Headers to speed up your website with Django and CloudFlare

Since I started working at bigger startups, like MinbilDinbil, I had to face the problem of providing pages to a larger amount of users every day. 619 more words

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