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Aimlessly drifting above all that is wrong.

Pouring down to try and save the souls, cleansing, renewing and creating.

Warning the kind of approaching danger where alarms are ignored and civilisations ruined. 54 more words

DevOps on AWS - Building an AMI Bakery

There’s a relatively new concept in the IT world called immutable infrastructure. ¬†This is the idea that once you create a server you should never change it’s running configuration. ¬† 1,719 more words

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Optimizing the Stack Template

My working stack, that is able to connect to the instance, has the following design template:

My first focus in refining this stack is to remove any objects that are useless due to not being connected in the system. 182 more words


Connecting to the Stack's Instance

Now that the stack’s instance is at a lower charge rate, I will try to connect to the t2.micro instance.

My first attempt resolved in the following error: 570 more words


Running the CloudFormer Template

This blog post follows on from the previous post: Adjusting the CloudFormer Template

After the first stack creation of the CloudFormer template, the rollback errors provide information on what needs to be adjusted in the JSON script. 392 more words


Adjusting the CloudFormer Template

Once the AWS CloudFormer template has been created, it needs to be run through the AWS CloudFormation ‘Create Stack’ option. This has been done by copying the CloudFormer JSON script into the Notebook++ program, and then uploading the Notebook++ file during the ‘Select Template’ portion of the Stack creation settings. 386 more words


Budget Update: 28/05/2017

This past week has also been spent on adjusting a CloudFormer template. As such, my current expectation for my billing list is that it will be quite low. 234 more words