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Installing and testing DC/OS on AWS

In the step-by-step tutorial Getting Started with DC/OS on Vagrant, we have learned how to install a MesosPhere DC/OS data center operating system locally. This time, we will install a DC/OS system on AWS Cloud: existing AWS CloudFormation templates will help us create a fully functional DC/OS data center with a Mesos master and five Mesos slaves within less than two hours. 3,472 more words


AWS - CloudFormation

AWS CloudFormation is a service that developers and system administrators can utilize in order to create and manage AWS resources using code. Here are some key concepts: 242 more words


5 FREE AWS resources you need to know, 4th will blow your mind

Cloud Computing is not only the buzz word of the technology trends but also the future of Infrastructure.
Amazon Web Services sniffed it in advance and provisioning its customers with countless services.   318 more words


Magnificent Cloud Formation

A wonderful cloud formation I snapped yesterday morning on the Gold Coast Broadwater. As I lined up my Nikon a young lady walking past said, “If you think that’s good, you should have seen it 15 minutes ago…the clouds completely engulfed the high-rise”. 14 more words


Patterns for Kinesis Streams

I’ve recently been working on a streaming component in a project and have been spending a lot of time with both Kinesis Streams and Kinesis Firehose… 265 more words


Get Notified on AWS CodePipeline Errors

With AWS CodePipeline Notifications, developers and others can receive notifications on events that occur in your pipelines — including pipeline, stage, and action changes. For example, you can receive email notifications on pipeline failures. 1,641 more words

Next-Generation Managed Services are Self-Service

The traditional managed services provider (MSP) model is broken and needs disruption. The next-generation managed services model is about guiding customers in a self-service manner. 1,556 more words