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Continuous Delivery to S3 via CodePipeline and CodeBuild

In this blog post, you see a demonstration of Continuous Delivery of a static website to Amazon S3 via AWS CodeBuild  and AWS CodePipeline. At the conclusion, you will be able to provision all of the AWS resources by clicking a “Launch Stack” button and going through the  1,627 more words

Continuous Delivery

How To: S3 Multi-Region Replication (And Why You Should Care)

If you’re familiar with the idea of multi-region replication, feel free to skip to the Overview section. If you don’t know what multi-region replication is, why it’s important, or aren’t convinced that it is, I’d like you to imagine you’ve just sat down to breakfast in a small cafe. 2,156 more words


Enforcing Compliance with AWS Organizations

You have a large organization with several development teams that work on various software projects that support your business. A year ago, you brought in a consultant that told you to use multiple AWS accounts because there were benefits to be gained. 3,489 more words


Stelligent is an APN Launch Partner for the AWS Management Tools Addition to the AWS Service Delivery Program

Stelligent, an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Consulting Partner specializing exclusively in DevOps Automation on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, announce that it is a launch partner for  463 more words

Continuous Delivery

DevOps on AWS Radio: AWS CodePipeline and Amazon Alexa (Episode 11)

In this episode, Paul Duvall and Brian Jakovich cover recent DevOps on AWS news and discuss how to use AWS CodePipeline to deploy Amazon Alexa skill. 475 more words

Continuous Delivery

Clouds that look like things

I enjoy watching sky and clouds especially when I am traveling or when I am alone. During my recent road trip from West Bengal (India) to Bhutan, I experienced these clouds with amazing shape. 71 more words


Hosting Moodle on AWS - Part 1 - The Concepts

If you take a look at the average Moodle install within schools you will generally see all aspects of the setup deployed on a single server.   1,518 more words