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Cross-Account Access Control with Amazon STS for DynamoDB

In this post, we’ll be talking about creating cross-account access for DynamoDB. DynamoDB is a NoSQL Database in the cloud provided by Amazon Web Services. 771 more words


Automate CodePipeline Manual Approvals in CloudFormation

Recently, AWS announced that it added manual approval actions to AWS CodePipeline. In doing so, you can now model your entire software delivery process – whether it’s entirely manual or a hybrid of automated and manual approval actions. 1,261 more words


How to get in CloudFormation...

I’m still trying to figure that out. I did a lab recently on Cloud Academy, where I was able to create a stack and using a template I deployed a WordPress site. 52 more words

Improving Developer Efficiency with AWS Lambda

Serverless computing reduces deployment complexity – freeing up the developer to focus on the problem they are trying to solve.

The Pain

After many grueling weeks, your software stack is finally live. 759 more words

A HEAT Template with AutoScaling and LBaaSV2 for OpenStack MITAKA

Good Afternoon people,

This time, let’s talk about “Cloudformation” and it’s OpenStack counterpart: HEAT Orchestration.

In the real world, most “complete-platform” deployments in the cloud (amazon or openstack) are created by means of automated-templates which defines each and every component of the whole solution. 138 more words


My AWS Lambda Cookbook

This cookbook is still in progress and will grow over time.

Lambda, AWS’s bite-size “serverless” compute service, is mostly awesome. However, it still has a relative lack of good documentation. 653 more words


An Icinga Automated Installation RECIPE, with Dockerized MariaDB Database Backend, and puppet-managed Automated Backups sent to a Cloud Object Storage

Hi there people,

I bring to you an interesting recipe, because it has a little bit of many interesting things:

  • Heavy bash scripting and many ways to manipulate files inside a bash script.
  • 96 more words