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Java on the AWS cloud using Lambda, Api Gateway and CloudFormation

On a previous post we implemented a java based aws lambda function and deployed it using CloudFormation.

Since we have our lambda function set up we will integrate it with a http endpoint using… 1,232 more words


Microservices Platform with ECS

Architecting applications with microservices is all the rage with developers right now, but running them at scale with cost efficiency and high availability can be a real challenge. 1,829 more words


WordPress and AWS CloudFormation

When I first started working with WordPress hosted on AWS I began by deploying an EC2 instance and running a LAMP stack on this instance, this is of course fine when you first start out.  1,376 more words


Refactoring CD Pipelines - Part 1: Chef-Solo in AWS AutoScaling Groups

We often overlook similarities between new CD Pipeline code we’re writing today and code we’ve already written. In addition, we might sometimes rely on the ‘copy, paste, then modify’ approach to make quick work of CD Pipelines supporting similar application architectures. 1,120 more words

Continuous Delivery

Viewing AWS CloudFormation and bootstrap logs in CloudWatch

Mature cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure have simplified infrastructure provisioning with toolsets such as CloudFormation and Azure Resource Manager (ARM) to provide an easy way to create and manage a collection of related infrastructure resources. 1,117 more words

Amazon Web Services

Containerized CI Solutions in AWS - Part 1: Jenkins in ECS

In this first post of a series exploring containerized CI solutions, I’m going to be addressing the CI tool with the largest market share in the space: Jenkins. 1,663 more words


Sleep function in AWS CloudFormation

IMHO one of the most important missing pieces in CloudFormation is not having the ability to explicitly specify a SLEEP or WAIT function. It is not that it is totally impossible to the implement the same, except that, it would involve having a hard work around one of which is to inject the wait script via the user data with WaitHandle and WaitConditions on EC2 instances. 160 more words