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If I were to write AWS CloudFormation template

This is a post where I would like to share about the things which I picked up over the course of time which has come really enjoyable writing an AWS CloudFormation template. 595 more words


AWS CLOUDFORMATION All Together – Part 1

AWS Cloud Formation has so many reference on Internet and many of them are very helpful but what I found while going through them is that you have to go through 100s of them to consolidate a single template. 890 more words


CloudFormation fails to create specified user

I recently had a problem with some historic CloudFormation where the user and their home directory was not being created. The problem and the solution were not complicated but my Google search returned nothing directly related to the problem except the AWS docs on the configuration syntax and there were no errors in the init log. 199 more words


AWS CloudFormation SNSTopic EventSourceMapping

Cloudformation refuses to set up an EventSourceMapping, but it works in the UI,
because under the hood the UI creates a push based setup, which can be re-created via… 279 more words


Sending configuration into a AWS Lambda created via Cloudformation

Lambdas can only have static code (see code upload via cloudformation), so passing in DynamoDB table names/SNS topic ARNs etc is not possible. But there is a neat workaround: 94 more words

Learnings on Deploying Multi-Site Systems

Hey reader! First of all, a Merry Christmas to you and your family! :’D Thank you so much for visiting this site. Whew, never thought that this blog would contain this many posts :)) Initially created to be a repository of stuff I discover and things I want to keep for future reference but thanks to my CS 255 class, CodeSteak happenings, and my training at work, this blog already contains 28 posts and counting! 1,463 more words