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AWS Auto-healing VPC NAT Instance

If the NAT instance is terminated or stopped, the status will become”Black Hole” in the route table. All instances in private subnets that associate with the route table will no longer be able to connect to the Internet until the route is updated with another NAT instance. 255 more words

Create AWS CloudFormation Templates with Visual Studio


AWS CloudFormation is a wonderful service for automating your AWS builds – my colleagues have done a number of detailed walk-throughs in other blog posts. 322 more words

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Automate your Cloud Operations Part 2: AWS CloudFormation

Stacking the AWS CloudFormation

Automate your Cloud Operations blog post Part 1 have given us the basic understanding on how to automate the AWS stack using CloudFormation. 702 more words

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Automate your Cloud Operations Part 1: AWS CloudFormation


What is Operations?

In the IT world, Operations refers to a team or department within IT which is responsible for the running of a business’ IT systems and infrastructure. 541 more words

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Using AWS CodeDeploy with Eucalyptus Cloudformation for On-Premise Application Deployments


Recently, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced that their CodeDeploy service supports on-premise instances.  This is extremely valuable – especially for developers and administrators to allow utilization of existing on-premise resources. 1,134 more words

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TIAD : Automatiser le cycle de vie des applications

Suite à la première édition de The Incredible Automation Day qui a rassemblé 250 professionnels du DevOps et du Cloud, nous revenons aujourd’hui sur la session “Automatisation du cycle de vie des applications”.  460 more words
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This is a multi-part documentation of how to setup a CI/CD workflow in AWS. Some of the tools that will be used are EC2, Chef, CloudFormation, Jenkins, Rspec, and Apache. 955 more words