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Adventures in AWS: Error launching CloudFormation stacks in Powershell

This blog post definitely falls under the “Note to Self” category, because I’ve run into this issue like three times now, so here’s hoping that writing down the answer helps me (and maybe you too). 326 more words


Nat Instance on AWS


This blog post uses aws-must-templates to create “a VPC with a public subnet and private subnet, and a network address translation (NAT) instance in the public subnet” similar to… 3,362 more words


Announcing aws-must-templates - part 2


AWS CloudFormation gives developers and systems administrators an easy way to create a collection of related AWS resources and provision them on Amazon Platform. In order to make AWS infrastructure management even more efficient and manageable, … 1,966 more words



I make good on my promises. I may be 3-6 months late, but I promised you guys that I was open-sourcing one of my work projects that I was super excited about, and the day has finally come. 1,416 more words


AWS Basics Using CloudFormation (Part 3) – ELB and EC2

This is the third part of a 3-part article covering the basics of AWS through using CloudFormation. For the first part of this article, click… 2,249 more words

Announcing aws-must-templates - part 1


In a previous blog-post, I presented a tool called aws-must. The tool itself is very simple, and quite useless without templates driving the transformation from YAML to (CloudFormation) JSON. 1,337 more words


AWS Basics Using CloudFormation (Part 1) - Introduction to CloudFormation

This article is the first in many – as mentioned in the last article, I will be writing more articles over the course of the next several months on AWS, touching on as much of the service as I can get my hands on. 2,066 more words