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Nat Instance on AWS


This blog post uses aws-must-templates to create “a VPC with a public subnet and private subnet, and a network address translation (NAT) instance in the public subnet” similar to… 3,362 more words


Announcing aws-must-templates - part 2


AWS CloudFormation gives developers and systems administrators an easy way to create a collection of related AWS resources and provision them on Amazon Platform. In order to make AWS infrastructure management even more efficient and manageable, … 1,966 more words



I make good on my promises. I may be 3-6 months late, but I promised you guys that I was open-sourcing one of my work projects that I was super excited about, and the day has finally come. 1,416 more words


AWS Basics Using CloudFormation (Part 3) – ELB and EC2

This is the third part of a 3-part article covering the basics of AWS through using CloudFormation. For the first part of this article, click… 2,249 more words

Announcing aws-must-templates - part 1


In a previous blog-post, I presented a tool called aws-must. The tool itself is very simple, and quite useless without templates driving the transformation from YAML to (CloudFormation) JSON. 1,337 more words


AWS Basics Using CloudFormation (Part 1) - Introduction to CloudFormation

This article is the first in many – as mentioned in the last article, I will be writing more articles over the course of the next several months on AWS, touching on as much of the service as I can get my hands on. 2,066 more words

Runlist - Automated Windows server builds

This is a no-frills script I threw together to assist in building AWS instances once they’re launched from EC2. The script will pull a json file from url which contains a list of scripts and associated variables. 109 more words