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AWS CloudFormer for Non Default VPC

AWS CloudFormer helps you to create a CloudFormation template from the AWS resources currently running in your account using a few simple steps. The current CloudFormer makes use of the Default VPC to get started; this is usually fine except for the scenarios where we have deleted the Default VPC. 23 more words


Automate CodeCommit and CodePipeline in AWS CloudFormation

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced the integration of AWS CodeCommit with AWS CodePipeline. This means you can now use CodeCommit as a version-control repository as part of your pipelines! 2,042 more words


If I were to write AWS CloudFormation template

This is a post where I would like to share about the things which I picked up over the course of time which has come really enjoyable writing an AWS CloudFormation template. 595 more words


AWS CLOUDFORMATION All Together – Part 1

AWS Cloud Formation has so many reference on Internet and many of them are very helpful but what I found while going through them is that you have to go through 100s of them to consolidate a single template. 890 more words