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I make good on my promises. I may be 3-6 months late, but I promised you guys that I was open-sourcing one of my work projects that I was super excited about, and the day has finally come. 1,416 more words


AWS Basics Using CloudFormation (Part 3) – ELB and EC2

This is the third part of a 3-part article covering the basics of AWS through using CloudFormation. For the first part of this article, click… 2,249 more words

Announcing aws-must-templates - part 1


In a previous blog-post, I presented a tool called aws-must. The tool itself is very simple, and quite useless without templates driving the transformation from YAML to (CloudFormation) JSON. 1,314 more words


AWS Basics Using CloudFormation (Part 1) - Introduction to CloudFormation

This article is the first in many – as mentioned in the last article, I will be writing more articles over the course of the next several months on AWS, touching on as much of the service as I can get my hands on. 2,066 more words

Runlist - Automated Windows server builds

This is a no-frills script I threw together to assist in building AWS instances once they’re launched from EC2. The script will pull a json file from url which contains a list of scripts and associated variables. 109 more words

Windows Cloudformation templates

I’ve been playing with Cloudformation templates. My goal was to create a Windows based ec2 instance that automatically had the ephemeral storage attached and at least 1 EBS volume. 162 more words

AWS NYC Summit 2015 Recap

When one gets the chance to go to New York, one takes it, as far as I’m concerned. So when PayByPhone offered to send me to the… 1,335 more words