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Clouds over Fife

Today I’m posting a selection of cloudscapes taken over Fife over the last few months. Most were taken looking southwards towards the Firth of Forth, two were taken actually over the Firth (one of which is a rainbow, not a cloudscape). 52 more words


Monochrome Madness: Clouds Over The Trees. A Reprise

When is the best time to shoot in landscape mode, someone asked…

Right after you shoot in portrait mode, came the answer

Here you have it… Clouds Over The Trees. A Reprise.


Cirrus Clouds over Fife

After a day of fog and rain yesterday, I thought I’d post a few photographs taken during the summer, of some interesting (to me) Cirrus clouds. 51 more words



These sky photos slay me. Never two alike.

Photography is about the only “creative” outlet I have going at the moment. And that seems to happen about once every two weeks. 84 more words


Darkness and light

I love these. Skies are like snowflakes – no two ever alike. It’s an always changing picture. Aren’t we lucky that cameras were invented??


Cloud shadows

I’m not always delighted by the frequent cloud cover we experience in Scotland, but broken up a bit with blue sky the cloudscapes can be fascinating. 41 more words