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CloudStack Day Austin Video: Operating CloudStack – Sharing my Tool Box

Watch my talk “Operating CloudStack – Sharing my Tool Box” that I presented at CloudStack Day Austin, on April 16th 2015.

The talk was originally written for ApacheCon North America and I presented it there a few days earlier. 57 more words


CloudStack: An Overview of the Open Source IaaS Platform

Here’s an open source IaaS platform to set up an on-demand, elastic cloud computing service. It enables utility computing services by allowing cloud service providers to offer self-service compute instances, storage volumes and networking configurations, and to set up a private cloud for i… 6 more words

ApacheCon NA'15 slide deck: Operating CloudStack - Sharing my Tool Box

Here are the slides from my presentation at both ApacheCon and CloudStack Day in Austin, TX.

Get the code on Github.


How to manage a million firewalls - part 2

Continuing from my last post where I hinted about the big distributed systems problem involved in managing a CloudStack Basic Zone.

It helps to understand how CloudStack is architected at a high level. 1,030 more words

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How to manage a million firewalls - part 1

In my last post I argued that security groups eliminate the need for network security devices in certain parts of the datacenter. The trick that enables this is the network firewall in the hypervisor. 731 more words


cloudstack:How to log in to system VMs in CloudStack

In CloudStack, there are two system VMs (Console Proxy VM and Secondary Storage VM) that are automatically created by CloudStack for each zone. Console Proxy VM (CPVM) provides console access to tenant’s guest VMs, while Secondary Storage VM (SSVM) downloads and maintains VM templates used… 6 more words

cloudstack:How to use local storage for CloudStack VMs

When CloudStack is deploying a VM (including guest VMs and system VMs), by default, the VM is set to use NFS-mounted primary storage as their root partition. 28 more words