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触ってわかったベアメタルクラウドの勘所と気になる新機能 [ #cbajp ]




Pointing XenServer to a new Open vSwitch Manager (Nicira/NSX)

Our XenServer hypervisors use Nicira/NSX for Software Defined Networking (orchestrated by CloudStack).

We had to migrate from one controller to another and that could easily be done by changing the Open vSwitch configuration on the hypervisors, like this: 75 more words


Open Stack vs Cloud Stack

                      Here we look the big eye difference between Cloud Software Platform giants Open Stack and Cloud Stack. Open Stack wins the race but still Cloud Stack competes it with basket of new features for Production ready Software platform. 298 more words


CVE-2015-0235: Replacing the CloudStack systemvm template

Due to the Ghost bug aka CVE-2015-0235, we had to upgrade 500+ system vm’s. We’re running CloudStack 4.4.2. The version of the systemvm template it uses was 4.4.1 and so we created 4.4.2 and used that instead. 493 more words


10 pounds of OpenStack cloud in a 5 pound bag? Do we need a bigger bag?

Yesterday, I posted about cloud distruptors that are pushing the boundaries of cloud. The same forces pull at OpenStack where we are working to balance between including all aspects of running workloads and focusing on a stable foundation. 591 more words


HOWTO update a forked Git repo

When contributing to open source projects, it’s pretty common these days to fork the project on Github, add your contribution, and then send your work as a so-called “pull request” to the project for inclusion. 346 more words