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Automating sVS to dVS migration on single NIC VMware ESXi hosts

We recently came across an issue where we needed to migrate VMware ESXi hosts from standard vSwitches to distributed vSwitches at build time and before putting the hosts into production. 364 more words


VPC to VPC VPN configuration in CloudStack

This blog post was originally posted on the ShapeBlue website: http://www.shapeblue.com/vpc-to-vpc-vpn-configuration-in-cloudstack/


Configuring connectivity between CloudStack hosted VPCs can be done by either using private gateways Рwhich has to be configured by CloudStack root administrators to use dedicated network segments Рor by using VPC-to-VPC connections, which can be configured by the CloudStack end user without admin input. 1,336 more words


Design patterns in orchestrators: transfer of desired state (part 3/N)

Most datacenter automation tools operate on the basis of desired state. Desired state describes what should be the end state but not how to get there. 1,639 more words