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What do cars and unified communication from the cloud have in common? – Part 2

Most of us have some experience from leasing a company car. Buying unified communication from the cloud has surprisingly lot in common as having a company leasing car. 313 more words

Copy ft. Dropbox

Desde hace más de un par de años que vengo usando Dropbox, como medio para almacenar y mantener sincronizados mis archivos en la nube, por cosas del destino he probado SkyDrive y Google Drive sin mucho éxito, digamos porque o ya estoy acostumbrado a Dropbox o simplemente me entraba la pereza de cambiar completamente a otro servicio, en fin … siempre me quedaba con Dropbox. 281 more words


Guest blog from Interoute CTO Matthew Finnie: R.I.P. RFP

The request for price/procurement/purchase or some other ‘P’ is the bane of many IT directors and suppliers. To date it has been a necessary stick, interrogation tool and reference to try and cut through the rhetoric, dreams and hyperbole that now surrounds any B2B purchase. 465 more words

The journey in the Cloud has just begun

A year ago today we launched the first G-Cloud framework and started the journey to provide a new way for the public sector to commission and buy technology-based services. 385 more words