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gil•ly•flow•er \ GHIL ee FLAU er \ n : an Old World pink that is grown for its clove-scented flowers and is the source of garden carnations … 13 more words



Pronounced, “pick-leez,” this Haitian condiment is usually served with meats and fried foods. I discovered this recipe on Epicurious.com As a lover of spicy food, I couldn’t resist. 246 more words


Indian Style Basmati Rice

Prior to this year, my experience cooking Indian food has been limited and oftentimes daunting.  I was unfamiliar with a lot of the spices and I just wasn’t sure how it really was supposed to taste.   474 more words


I Think I Have a Garlic Obsession

Hi, I’m Emily, and I’m a garlicoholic. Apparently. Just finished up my 4th garlic painting. This is getting ridiculous. Anyway, I remembered to take pics along the way so you can sort of see the progression: 16 more words

Latitude Roundup 2016

Overall, I still really like Latitude.

I think this year I felt the presence of the fabled middle-class, middle-aged elements a little more strongly. The solipsism that so often comes with privilege can indeed sour a crowd, and I thought I perceived a sense of frustration from some performers concerning the apparent passivity of the audiences. 960 more words


raisins bread "stafidopswmo"

‘stafidopswmo’ raisins bread reminds me of school! my mom used to give me and my sister a light lunch for school but I always liked eating a soft and most of the times still warm from the bakery stafidopswmo..

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Chai Body Scrub

Exfoliation can do wonders for your skin and this chai scrub is amazing! It’s also super easy (and quick) to make and is full of ingredients that you will probably already have in the kitchen!  336 more words

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