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Clown Pants

While we were up in Seattle, we did some shopping.  Okay, *I* did some shopping.  I needed some work pants and shoes.  I enjoy shoes, but none of the pairs I had felt particularly comfortable.  380 more words

"31" - The Fanbacked Rob Zombie Movie

There’s only 15 days left!

Rob Zombie is asking for donations to help create his next film.

31 is “a fast paced, mean dirty film for those who like it rough” according to Rob Zombie himself. 255 more words


Lastenkulttuurikeskus Musikantit, Helsinki, 3 toukokuu

Koko perheen interaktivinen show!

Circus show for all family!

In the program: clowning, magic tricks, performing dogs and cats, the original trick number- equilibr on glass wine glasses, twisting the show and in the final giant soap bubbles. 44 more words


Making my own Art. Post 2

Greets, August is my audition month. this time, i have to be ready. Luckily i have my headshots.


Check out my friend John’s Magical Place.

Julio Luna.