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part v of the Jesus Army Saga—Plastic Surgical Hope over Brekkie

Plastic Surgical Hope over Brekkie

Such amounts of amateur theologian, faith run in the marrow
ligaments shaped like halos & roods
an horrific plastic surgery cock-up… 389 more words


Part iv of the Jesus Army Saga— Divine wind + cow + Jesus freak = accident

Divine wind + cow + Jesus freak = accident

On bicycles: Charlie in hurrying to cure a brother due a rib
crowned with a piebald cow (he got intuitions) 294 more words


ExpressionWorks has been a blast!

We are delighted to share some close ups from Snack-time at ExpressionWorks.

Next week we’ll jump to crafty arts, as Joan has offered to return to volunteer with us on March 16th as Bunky the Clown! 53 more words

part iii of the Jesus Army Saga—whack an ant

Whack an ant

O, brother Charlie
are you a sycophant to sense?
In pious softness spoke
the Jesus Army lad.
Why could I am be sick of ants? 72 more words


Grotesque clowns

I had a dream on 22nd February 2017
Who are you mocking? 
At whom do you sneer 
and stick out your tongue? 
Are you not a brood of rebels, … 159 more words

Part ii of the Jesus Army Saga— Questions before a kip

Questions Before a Kip

That night— tummy, wide with crust cut sandwiches
PG Tips & lemonade, a Jaffa Cake
—a sopping head & heart that he are cradles by his self… 203 more words