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“transcendental Moroccan space fusion with Medeski and heavy polyrhythmic percussion.”

that’s the description of this show by a commenter in the link below, and it could not be any more perfect a summary of the music that was played on this night. 249 more words


Mind-Blowing Music at Lizard Lounge

This was the sixth time I’ve seen Club d’Elf this year at Lizard Lounge, and it was quite possibly the best – up to now! 506 more words

Monday Afternoon Music

Sorry for the delay getting music to you this Monday. It’s been a busy one. Plus I couldn’t make up my mind which song I wanted to share today. 98 more words


Another Marvelous Club d'Elf Experience

If you have been following this blog (which everyone should do!), you’ll know how much I love Club d’Elf. And how often I go to their bi-weekly Friday night residency at… 296 more words

Club d'Elf Never Ceases to Impress

I’ve seen Club d’Elf perform a half dozen times at this point; each show is different and equally amazing.

The lineup changes each week, with the only constant I’ve observed being Mike Rivard who plays bass and sintir. 323 more words

Each Club d'Elf Show is Unique

There are not a lot of bands that I want to see repeatedly, regardless of how excellent their shows are.  Club d’Elf is an exception for me, in great part due to their rotating cast of characters. 221 more words

Club d'Elf Soars

Club d’Elf is an amazing ensemble that never seems to consist of the same members twice! I’ve seen them three times so far, and the only musician who has performed in all three shows is Mike Rivard, the bass and sintir player. 413 more words