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A quiet couple of days

Shopping here is always an interesting experience, bulk buying seems to be something that they have never heard of. Take, for instance breakfast products, a big box is 500 grams. 410 more words


Our first days back

Well it is not going that well here, but more of that later. I would like to say that the flight went smoothly, except it didn’t. 660 more words


Our last Sunday

We walked down to Palermo, Viv had some things she wanted. We sort of wandered around aimlessly. She found something in Estoy Mirando, she loves this shop and I do too, it has a man seat outside. 413 more words



I have fallen behind somewhat, time is overtaking me.

Saturday at El Arranque was possibly our best milonga yet. We were there nearly four hours and I don’t think either of us missed more than one tanda. 265 more words



I woke to Viv crashing about, she had lost her watch, how she managed this in such a small place is a mystery. Watch this space. 475 more words