Fraternity Of Sound Opening Rites - Club Night

Το να πηγαίνεις σε μια συναυλία με ονόματα που δεν πολυξέρεις είναι σαν να σκας σε πρώτο ραντεβού. Αυτή η αίσθηση ότι δεν ξέρεις τι ακριβώς να περιμένεις προσθέτει έναν τόνο μυστηρίου και ίντριγκας, και κάπως έτσι ένιωθα πηγαίνοντας στο άνοιγμα του …


Club Night 25/09/17: FFT3, Austrians vs Soviets.

I really need to get back into the swing of posting, been thinking of a bit of a change to a couple of things and will get started once I’m caught up with these Club Night posts. 1,443 more words


Club Night 18/09/2017: FFT3: Alt-History Hungarians vs Poles

It had been a while since Alex and I had had a bash at FFT and he had just finished the first few bits of his Alt-history Hungarian army (good to see that a few others have run with my idea by the way!) and said that he had an ‘Advanced Guard’ unit ready of about 5 companies strong so I duly picked the Polish Armoured Cavalry Regt to take them on. 337 more words


Club Night 11/09/17: More Big CoC, Normandy '44.

It’s been a while since we played this game, so the write up will be brief especially as I didn’t seem top take many pics for some reason which usually helps jog my memory. 796 more words


Lick x Front hits London, this Friday!

Cheap drinks & hot girls… you know how it is! I’ve only gone and organised a collab between Lick and Front! Head over to FRONT Magazine… 6 more words


How was your weekend?

I can imagine everybody is sitting in front of the computer, refreshing the wordpress page from INTERNeX and hoping for the new ‘How was your weekend’ blog post. 332 more words


Club Night 04/09/17: Israeli vs Russian, 6mm Micro Armour Modern

For the first game back after our annual August break Daren had come up with a slightly left-field scenario so that we could pitch ultra-modern Israeli forces against Russians. 1,046 more words