Club Night 11/07/16: Driel, '44.

Monday night saw Daren putting on a WW2 game using BattleGround rules. These are a really detailed skirmish set that I last played back in February. 1,350 more words


Club Night Catchup 3: More Village based CoC

After the great game Des and I had we decided to have another go, this time expanding the game to 2 platoons a side. Again we went for a meeting engagement with both sides tasked with taking control of the village. 143 more words


Club Night Catch up 2: CoC'ing about downtown

Des and I had a bash and went for a village fight for a change. We also decided that we’d do a meeting engagement and came up with a simple way of deciding the support points – we each rolled a d6 and the total of both was the amount of points that we had for the game. 137 more words


Club Night Catch-up: East Front CoC Fistfight

Due to all the PC/Interweb and personal problems I’ve had over the past month or so I’ve not been able to keep up to date with my Club Night write ups. 157 more words


#chesterculture - Last Rites - Cellar Bar - Friday 17th June 2016

Dig out those black skinny jeans and smudge on the eyeliner as Chester’s only dedicated Goth night returns to The Cellar this Friday evening; brought to you by Die and Mark. 35 more words

Chester Culture

MARTINI's CLUB NIGHT...Mother's Day Edition w/ DJ Angry Bear 5.7.16

Martini’s & Massive Productions presents: Club Night’ the Mother’s Day Edition

Launch of SWEATSHOP and my experience in events

Hello to all reading, thanks for visiting my little blog!

I want to tell you a story of my experience as a club promoter and how it helped me become involved in the events industry and how it could help you.  881 more words