Club Night 22/05/17: FFT3, Poles this time.

Another week and another FFT3 game. This time I was playing Mat who has played quite a few games at the club but had all been in multi-player games so this was a chance for him to have more space and units to play with. 1,942 more words


'Dangerclose' Daren does it again!

Just wanted to share these pics of the terrain from the Vietnam game Mr Bartram was putting on at the club on Monday. The table folds up and locks together for easy movement, he’s a clever chap our Daren!  12 more words

Club Night

Club Night - Monday 22nd May

Not a lot of variety tonight as 14 players geared up for next weeks Shadow War: Armageddon campaign.

There was a game of Blood Bowl though.

Club Night

Club Night 15/05/17: FFT3, Once more into....

I had a game of FFT3 booked in for this week against Alex who hadn’t played for quite a while and was keen to get another game in. 1,420 more words


Club Night - Mon 15th May

Busy night tonight with:

  • Kings of War 4 player game.
  • Shadow War: Armageddon campaign practice.
  • The Hobbit
  • Epic Armageddon
  • Star Wars Armada
  • Escape from the Temple and Quarriors boardgames.

Club Night

New classical club night at IKLECTIK combines baroque DJs and live historic instrumentalists

Guest post by Benjamin Tassie

On June 3rd IKLECTIK’s performance space, bar and garden will exist between two worlds: that of the baroque dance parties of the 17th and 18th centuries, and the musical world of 21st-century London. 242 more words


Club Night 08/05/2017: FFT3, Vilnius or Bust!

I have been busily painting up a couple of new forces for my Modern FFT3 project, concentrating on the Alt-History Lithuanians and the first part of the Soviet forces. 1,515 more words

Club Night