Last Friday Night

Ahh, it’s been so long since I’ve blogged!

School, gym, and sleeping have been taking up my schedule. I rarely go out nowadays!

Except for last Friday! 260 more words

Life Of A Summaraiwarrior


Whilst I was getting my arse handed to me on one table, Des and Ian were trying out IABSM in 6mm. By all accounts it worked really well and will be pursued further in the near future. 99 more words

Club Night

Club Night 12/09/16: Oh CoC!

One of the things that I love about Chain of Command is that it makes you think. Hard. Games can be tense affairs, as they should be when you are up the sharp end of a conflict. 1,281 more words

Club Night


No other reason for this post other than to share this fantastic set up that was being used at the club last night in an Iron Cross game. 11 more words

Club Night

Club Night 25/07/16: FFT3 Bash

Last night was the ‘end of term’ for the Warlords as we have our summer break until September and it was planned that we would be taking part in a 6mm WW2 game. 1,143 more words


Club Night 11/07/16: Driel, '44.

Monday night saw Daren putting on a WW2 game using BattleGround rules. These are a really detailed skirmish set that I last played back in February. 1,350 more words


Club Night Catchup 3: More Village based CoC

After the great game Des and I had we decided to have another go, this time expanding the game to 2 platoons a side. Again we went for a meeting engagement with both sides tasked with taking control of the village. 143 more words