Launch of SWEATSHOP and my experience in events

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I want to tell you a story of my experience as a club promoter and how it helped me become involved in the events industry and how it could help you.  881 more words

Club Night 25/04/16: CoC, Fight for Collective Farm 287. Take 2.

So after suffering a crushing defeat at the hands of Comrade Andrewski and there being loads of time left we decided to give the game another whirl. 1,087 more words


Club Night 25/04/16: CoC, Fight for Collective Farm 287. Take 1.

I was facing Philip this week who would be taking part in his first solo game of Chain of Command with his new Soviet force of a regular Infantry Platoon. 834 more words


Chasing Heaven Club Night

(Image; Chasing Heaven Poster; Demii Whiffin)

Flyte, London based four-piece have launched their very own club night: Chasing Heaven 230 more words

Club Night 18/04/16: CoC, Probe at les Deux Maisons

Des and I decided at Salute that it was high time we had a game of Chain of Command against each other. We were just going to throw down some terrain, roll up a scenario from the rulebook and see what came up and that is just what we did, and it was a mightily good game. 1,516 more words


Club Night 21/03/16: FFT3 Poles vs Soviets

Daren was interested in having a bash at FFT3 so I duly obliged. Daren pinged me a list of what Soviet kit he had and I knocked up a force out of it for him to use whilst I would be using my alt-history Poles. 857 more words