MARTINI's CLUB NIGHT...Mother's Day Edition w/ DJ Angry Bear 5.7.16

Martini’s & Massive Productions presents: Club Night’ the Mother’s Day Edition

Launch of SWEATSHOP and my experience in events

Hello to all reading, thanks for visiting my little blog!

I want to tell you a story of my experience as a club promoter and how it helped me become involved in the events industry and how it could help you.  881 more words

Club Night 25/04/16: CoC, Fight for Collective Farm 287. Take 2.

So after suffering a crushing defeat at the hands of Comrade Andrewski and there being loads of time left we decided to give the game another whirl. 1,087 more words


Club Night 25/04/16: CoC, Fight for Collective Farm 287. Take 1.

I was facing Philip this week who would be taking part in his first solo game of Chain of Command with his new Soviet force of a regular Infantry Platoon. 834 more words


Club #12 - Beginnings

Brand New Life YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS (1980)

Healing Has Begun VAN MORRISON (1979)

Crazy Horses THE OSMONDS (1973)

Started Out With Nothing SEASICK STEVE (2008) 115 more words

Chasing Heaven Club Night

(Image; Chasing Heaven Poster; Demii Whiffin)

Flyte, London based four-piece have launched their very own club night: Chasing Heaven 230 more words

Club Night 18/04/16: CoC, Probe at les Deux Maisons

Des and I decided at Salute that it was high time we had a game of Chain of Command against each other. We were just going to throw down some terrain, roll up a scenario from the rulebook and see what came up and that is just what we did, and it was a mightily good game. 1,516 more words