If you go down to the sewers tonight, you're sure...

RPG night at the BAD Gamers last night, so while that group battled as vampires in the Dark Ages, the rest of us, and a new guy, Lee, took… 204 more words

Board Games

Halo Fleet Battles gets an airing

First night back at the BAD Gamers for 2017, and Paul and Frank took Halo Fleet Battles for a try out, using the two player starter box and the Fall of Reach Campaign. 158 more words

Club Night

Escaping from Colditz and nostalgia

The re-imagined classic, Escape from Colditz hit the table for the end of term game, at the BAD Gamers last night. A few of us remembered it from our youth, and this new version while an improvement, still has some flaws from days of yore; 236 more words

Board Games

Club Night: Leftfoot and Shadow City Present Feel My Bicep

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of visiting The Rainbow Venues in Birmingham for the first time. The line-up was an all-star night consisting of Bicep, Joy Orbison, Hunee, Gilles Peterson and O’Flynn. 495 more words


Last Night on Earth: Salvage Mission

A firm favourite at the BAD Gamers is the boardgame Last Night on Earth. A story driven game, with a roll and move mechanic, and a zombie movie theme, it never fails to deliver a great time, with experiences being retold many times over. 409 more words

Board Games

The Guide to Staying Single Forever: A Satire - featuring Dave

“I don’t want to be single anymore.”

Because being single is tough. The reason it’s tough is because sometimes it’s some really good fun and other times it’s… 784 more words

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