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Rory's Penglantian Passion

Hello, everyone!

Have you tried out DJ Cadence’s new adventure yet? If you have, you will know who Rory is. If you haven’t, let me brief you on some things you need to know about this penguin. 1,479 more words

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CPI Update

Hey everyone!

This is the full guide for the 1.10 update for CPI!!

First its CPI’s birthday! Non-Members can claim a T-Shirt and members can get a hat as well. 269 more words

Top 5 'Quality of Life' Improvements

Hello, everyone!

Wow – it certainly has been a while! I am going to break the month-long silence with a cool post that should hopefully provoke some discussion in the comments section. 2,751 more words

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How do you Cancel my Club Penguin Island Membership on a Computer?

How to Cancel my Membership on Computer?

  1. Login to the penguin with the membership subscription on Club Penguin Island website
  2. Click on the arrow next to the penguin’s portrait and select My Profile…
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How to Play Club Penguin Island on a Computer?

How to Play on Computer?

For Windows

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How to Create a Penguin on Club Penguin Island?

How to Create a Penguin?

How to Create an Account on Club Penguin Island: (Through Mobile App)
  1. Download the Club Penguin Island App on mobile or desktop.
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How to Level up on Club Penguin Island?

How to Level up?

The only ways to Level up as a Non-Member is to complete the limited 2-4 Daily Challenges, or play Mini-Games that we get every day, it’s a slow progress, but worth it in the end. 53 more words

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