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The Problem Of Games Being Lost To Time.

All media forms have got examples of lost texts, a lot of old books have been destroyed before they could be archived for future generations to enjoy, episodes of old TV shows thrown out, never being saved anywhere for people to enjoy (looking at you Doctor Who) and video games are no exception and suffer from this problem much more than other forms of media. 861 more words

Video Game Talk

Stadium Now Open! (And Catalog Guide)

Hey penguins! Sorry for the delay on the post, still working on things personally. Anyways, the Stadium is now open! It is taking place of the Ice Rink that is usually in the game. 151 more words


Pizza Slice Pin

Hey penguins! It’s Evann here telling you about the new pin that is out right now on the island! It is the Pizza Slice pin. It is located in the Pizza Parlor on the far left table.¬† 60 more words


Chocolate Bunny Pin

Hey penguins! There is a new pin on the island. It is located in the Forest, and is called the Chocolate Bunny pin. It will be here until April 26, when the next pin will take its place! 18 more words


Recent Inactivity

Hey penguins. As you have probably noticed, I have been inactive recently. I am so sorry for not posting all of the recent news of Club Penguin Rewritten. 93 more words


April Furniture Catalog Cheats

NOTE: Since the pictures weren’t showing up, I decided to repost this.

Hey Penguins! It’s Evann here with another catalog cheats post. This time, it is for the April Furniture Catalog. 110 more words


How To Join The PSA

Hi Penguins! It’s Evann here, and today I will be showing you how to join the PSA on Club Penguin Rewritten! Like the last post, I know that many of you already know this. 382 more words