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#10 on top 10

Well done we’ve achieved the #10 rank on the CPAC top 10! This could not have been done without the effort of everyone in the army. 47 more words

Im Backkkkkk

HI guys I just wanted to let you know that I am back!!!  I haven’t been on due to how busy I was but now I have more time.   33 more words


United in Victory (published for FW 4ic, 6789cool)

Hey Fire Warriors,

I am 6789cool, 4th in command of the Fire Warriors. I have been a few places in my history of being in this community but already, Fire Warriors has become a special one to me, and I want to tell you why, and why you should be proud to be a part of this already great army. 489 more words

My Penguin's drawing from Arwin 2004

Hi everyone its your friend ben 5824 here and one of my Google plus friend Arwin2004 clubpenguin drew a awesome drawing of My Club Penguin Penguin.   42 more words

Club Penguin