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Maryland Women's Ice Hockey Team Competes Like a Varsity Team

By Natalie Jones
For Unwind magazine

When you think of ice hockey, you might think of tall, tough men flying by on skates, wearing heavy gear, all to take control of a tiny black rubber puck and to send it flying into the goal. 332 more words


The Robot takeover has begun

Have you ever wanted to help kick-start the robot takeover? With the world the way it is today, why not add some more emotionless beings into the mix. 21 more words

A Light Found In the Darkness

We all know the infamous saying, only the good die young, and we all have experienced a hole in our heart made by the loss of one too soon. 730 more words

Marist College

Club appreciation & hopes

By Julia Tantare

Students want an environment where they can explore their interests and meet people with similar passions. The clubs at BHS are the perfect way to do this. 198 more words

Sports & Activities

Saving the Environment, One Bottle at a Time

          Fredericton High School offers the Environmental Science course for grade 12 students interested in learning more about the environment.  “Students, teachers, and administration don’t have enough knowledge on the environment,” stated grade 12 student, Tahara Briggs.  367 more words

Student Issues

Should I Stay?

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve posted and I feel bad, but I’m literally crying while typing this up. I’m in a conflict that I don’t want to be a part of anymore because what I once enjoyed isn’t enjoyable anymore no matter how much I try to change the way I think. 154 more words


What do you need on the course?

I was walking around a golf store the other day and decided to go through the accessories section. There were so many options. For all the things that you can buy I decided to do a list of my favorite accessories and the brands I prefer. 616 more words