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Ladies' Night is Every Night in Dubai

Being a lady is great in Dubai if you enjoy going to the bar for a few drinks after work. You don’t need to worry about cover or paying for your drinks – don’t even need to chat up guys for free drinks either!  674 more words


How to Break Out of Your Shell in College

If you are trying to adjust to college but are also an introvert, you have a complicated combination. Now is the time to break your boundaries and get involved! 547 more words


44 thoughts I have at clubs

  1. I hope there’s no queue tonight
  2. Shiiiiteee. I jinxed it.
  3. That girl behind us is a whore. Not judging. Just saying.
  4. Can’t wait to just get inside and dance.
  5. 391 more words


From pupils being dilated
To culture being diluted
The underground’s running all night
But there’s not a party in sight
The clubs and venues closing… 55 more words


Bottle Full of Bub: Top 8 Alternative Clubs

Not all clubs are about that EDM/hip hop life. Meaning that there is a place for all of us out there to head to got a night out. 258 more words


When it all began. PART 1

It was a fateful rainy evening in Gurgaon (the one when it turned into Venice overnight), we decided to crash a birthday party of a nearby brewery. 410 more words


Start Your Own University Club, Group Or Societies

When entering college or university, one of the things students most likely look for are clubs, groups, communities and societies where they can experience the best years of their lives, where they can belong and where they can connect with people. 17 more words

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