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Today's Market

Today’s Market

“May I help you, ma’am?”

“Yes, please, I am looking for avocadoes.”

“Would you like Californian, Mexican, or Peruvian?”

“I want the Mexican ones. 420 more words


Monday Musings

Today is April Fools Day.  Perhaps that is why the following question keeps coming to mind:  Where did Jesus get his Easter clothes?

Only a foolish person would focus on such a trivial detail in light of the miraculous, glorious, supernatural event of the resurrection.  395 more words

Good Friday Spoiler Alert

Churchyard Chick, in her zig-zag ramblings, sometimes “overhears” things.  I wouldn’t necessarily say she eavesdrops; that would be rude, which is so unlike her.  It’s just that she stays “tuned in” just in case some interesting little kernel should come her way.  225 more words

Things You Need to Know

Not everyone will like you,

Or even think you’re great.

The world will not reward you

For simply cleaning your plate.

You won’t agree with all of them, 104 more words

Multiple Hearts

“Come here!” the student shouted.

“What is it?” his friend asked, a bit impatiently, as he was working on his own project in the Spirit Studies Lab that day. 442 more words

A Constant Dripping

Without my input, my husband’s statements would, regrettably, go unchallenged.  For example, as we were walking this lovely spring morning, he remarked, “Dogwoods always bloom at Easter.” 249 more words



I am hopelessly behind the times on a lot of lingo.  But this one I know:  “Laughing out loud.”

I always wonder something, though.  Is the person who uses that shorthand actually laughing out loud, or is he/she simply smiling soundlessly on the other side of whatever space is between? 458 more words