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No particular place to go

Stepping onto the sidewalk for a pre-breakfast stroll with Dash, my terrier, I saw a shimmering calligraphy on the concrete up ahead. Now, I live in a large apartment community in a college town so I’ve learned that it’s important to watch where you step on Monday mornings, but this didn’t look like party residue. 550 more words



Rushing out the door, I went over the list in my head. Workout pants and layered tees—check. Running shoes—check. Coat, hat, gloves—check. Keys and sunglasses—check. 584 more words


Refreshment al fresco

by Nancy Hawekotte, Certified Master Naturalist & Regular Contributor

As a city-dweller blessed with multiple, engineered means of meeting my life-sustaining needs for food, water, and shelter, I often wonder how urban wildlife, their world superimposed upon ours, manage to meet theirs. 491 more words



A dusting of snow earlier this week made it easy to see who’s been out and about in the neighborhood. Bird tracks don’t provide much insight into genus and species, but opossum tracks are recognizable enough. 605 more words