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Don't take yourself too seriously!

When you fall down the stairs face first at the train station (which has obviously never happened to me…) instead of feeling embarrassed and worrying about what everyone around you thinks, laugh it off. 203 more words

The Clumsy Gene

My grandma, bless her soul, was a clumsy lady. As she got older, and on blood thinners, she was always covered with bruises from bumping into things or falling. 648 more words

Week 16: Meet the real Brummie Liz!

Ladies and Gentleman, it has taken 16 weeks but I can finally introduce you to the real Brummie Liz – the clumsy one who can trip up fresh air! 1,066 more words

Slaves of Technology

Today has been an interesting day. I am currently writing this post from my computer, instead of the app on my phone with notes I wrote with pen and paper instead of typing drafts on my phone. 874 more words

The Clumsy Penguin.

Hello, my name is Shannon. I’m 19 years old and I’m a Klutz.

I am almost an adult (believe it or not, it’s only a matter of months before I leave teenage life behind), and I have yet to master the delicate skill of walking correctly… Or holding something… Or finesse… Or any skill that requires concentration. 725 more words



The  day  went  well, and all  was  fine

Then I slipped,  without  knowing I  crossed  the line.

It  was  nothing  I had  said

Just  my  clumsiness instead. 66 more words

Hello, adoring fans

I have decided after much deliberation (approximately 2 minutes of faffing about on facebook after reading a funny post) to start a blog. I feel that it is only right that I document the failure that is my life. 278 more words