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A fuckupĀ 

I’m a fuckup. I can’t do anything right. Even simple tasks perplex me and I’m hopelessly clumsy, careless and dumb.

People don’t hesitate to make me feel bad when I make mistakes. 82 more words

Deal 703: Mr. Punch

The box was almost traditional. Just tall enough. Curtain in front, small stage. Just enough room for the show.

The colors were a little strange, and the show was not traditional at all. 239 more words

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Deal 703 Preview

Actor: Puppet
North: Clumsiness, Past experience
East: Frog, Untruths
South: Poison, Purity
West: Beer, elevator

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Deal 695: Passed disaster to greatness

The cute puppet hinted at a deeper truth with clumsy handling. Too many controls, and not enough practice, made for eyebrows that moved in unnatural ways while its head spun like a possessed child. 160 more words

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Deal 695 Preview

Actor: Wisdom
North: Puppet, Clumsiness
East: The Unknown, Temporary
South: Typewriter, Hope
West: Beer, Limited

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Deal 691: Fandom

He was the typical clumsy fan you find around the place, totally unaware of his own success and entirely focussed on his fandom. While we try to accommodate fans, there are lines that should not be crossed. 280 more words

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Deal 691 Preview

Actor: Envy
North: Clumsiness, success
East: tea, butter knife
South: Indoctrination, Carrot
West: Racket, Rebirth

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