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Like Water for Tabby Cats

Water fascinates Capone.  He sneaks into the bathroom when we’re taking a shower, listens to the pipes when the washing machine’s running, and sits on the counter by the sink to eye the suds and splashes as I do the dishes.   579 more words


The Mystery Blogger Award

Recently I was delighted and very surprised to be nominated for The Mystery Blogger Award by the very lovely jrose88 of the at Milliways with a pen… 759 more words

Clumsiness 😋

I must admit, I am not the most graceful person you will meet. I’m really clumsy–I can’t even explain why.

The year’s about to end and I just remembered that fateful day when I kind of broke my face 😅. 222 more words


Deal 851

He swam ashore silently just as dusk fell, his dark grey drysuit matching the color of the mussel and barnacle encrusted pilings and the shadows they cast on the sand. 378 more words

Daily Deal

Deal 851 Preview

The Trunk: live, Prudence
The Canopy: Plurality, tuxedo, Clumsiness, Humility
The Aerie: Protection

Daily Deal

Deal 849: Captured.

The sessions were becoming interminable, painful, and verging on successful. I was going to have to do something about that soon. But for now, I let them continue as they were, biding my time, and hoping I was strong enough to hold out unchanged until the time was right. 512 more words

Daily Deal

Deal 849 Preview

The Trunk: Neglect, Abhor
The Canopy: Indoctrination, Gramophone, Strength, Music
The Aerie: Clumsiness

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