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Stumblefoot -a Christmas Story


©2005 Mollie Pearce McKibbon

In all the countryside there were no finer trained camels than the herd that belonged to Amos, the Carpet-maker. He bought only the best of the best and so he needed to with all the carpets he had to ship from town to town. 1,201 more words


Out on a Liminal

Out on a Liminal

The jolly crew over lunch yesterday. Happiest when the jefe is not in sight. He probably knows this and this is why the two older men eat in front of the house, the younger men on my patio in the back. 826 more words

Deal 830: The Odd Player.

We run a clean game here. Aside from the steep house odds, we don’t cheat, we don’t steal, we don’t lie to our customers. So when a customer turns up an unusually heavy loser, we have to sit up and take notice. 220 more words

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Deal 830 Preview

Chaotic Holidays and Obligatory Sentiments:
The Host and Hostess: Racket, The Unknown
The Gift: Clumsiness
The Obligation: butter knife
The Guests: Afterlife, Failure

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Momentum in the Midst of a Mess

Whether we are referring to the Thanksgiving holiday or the attitude of thanksgiving, selflessness is found right in the name. In this increasingly self-centered world, it is a breath of fresh air to intentionally focus on being grateful and to give thanks to God for His countless blessings. 757 more words

Deal 816: Feline Summoning Engine

The cats wandered in from all over, but casually, as if they had no where better to be so it might as well be here. Cats never like to admit to planning too much in advance, after all. 154 more words

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Deal 816 Preview

Chaotic Holidays and Obligatory Sentiments:
The Host and Hostess: Widget, Clumsiness
The Gift: Support
The Obligation: tea
The Guests: Limited, Cat

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