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A Clumsy Day and an Accidental Arsonist

I woke in my chair just after midnight on Monday morning, feeling stiff and misshapen I’d missed the chance to post on the day I was describing so I forced myself to stay up long enough to add photos, but couldn’t be bothered with captions. 516 more words

Deal 1386 Preview

The path: Clumsiness, sunk, dog, Selfishness, Indoctrination, Knowledge, and Strength

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Canteen ladies, eggplant and an unfortunate accident with some rockets

I volunteered for canteen duties at the primary school, thinking some brownie points wouldn’t go astray after the last episode with the principal.

I was imagining canteen ladies like when I was at school – big smiles, flappy arms and floral dresses. 428 more words



Irreparable content to you all.

 Today is my 30th blog post. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I can’t believe I lasted this long. And for my 30th blog post and suddenly 50 Instagram followers, I give you a pretty yet shitty blog post. 669 more words


Deal 1350: Tea, hold the death

If I were better at my job, he’d be dead by now. The plot was perfect. The tea was poisoned, and the dose was calculated for his size. 75 more words

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Deal 1350 Preview

It Didn’t Happen:
A Thing at A Place: tea Poison
The Obstacle: Clumsiness Afterlife

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Where is twinklingwords?!

Hello everyone! I know what you’re thinking, she talked about remedies, made fun of some aunties and then vanished to some other land! But let me tell you, WP never leaves my thought as it’s so much more than just a medium♥️ So, long story short, I’ve been constantly travelling and my creative side decided to go on a break too. 122 more words