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New shoes, green shoes, blue shoes, two shoes - whatever - you just better get a grip

You know those moments when you’re wearing new shoes that don’t quite have enough grip for the loose gravel your walking on, and you slip and fall on your bum and spill your drink all over yourself? 83 more words


I Got Bruised Again

I never learned my lesson. 

The clumsy me strikes once again early this morning. Nope, I’m not sleepy anymore as I already took a bath that moment. 337 more words

Life Lessons

Life hacks for the socially deficient

Why isn’t there a help column for people like me? With topics like:

Gardening tips for the pale-skinned arachnophobe.

How to parent without endangering your child, husband, neighbours or other community members.

84 more words

Deal 1235: Orange Ball

The ballroom was a grand and elegant space, dominated by a pair of elevator cars that seemed to move freely as their gilded birdcage structure cleverly distracted the eye from their much more utilitarian components. 190 more words

Daily Deal

My history in prehistory

Sometimes I wonder how long I’d have made it in a prehistoric world. I think I’d have been wiped from the gene pool fairly quickly in some sort of spectacularly tragic accident. 301 more words


Blissful days of normality

It’s important to challenge yourself in life. To that end, I made a concerted effort to have no minor – or major – accidents for a week. 171 more words