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The  day  went  well, and all  was  fine

Then I slipped,  without  knowing I  crossed  the line.

It  was  nothing  I had  said

Just  my  clumsiness instead. 66 more words

Hello, adoring fans

I have decided after much deliberation (approximately 2 minutes of faffing about on facebook after reading a funny post) to start a blog. I feel that it is only right that I document the failure that is my life. 279 more words


Clumsiness - The struggle is real.

As I gracefully poured the content of my freshly boiled cup of tea onto the deep wound I inflicted on my finger on Wednesday whilst attempting to chop some spinach, a thought came to me. 695 more words

Blog Posts

Improving on Previous Mistakes

“We are human, no one is perfect when we don’t even know what perfection is.”

1,022 more words
Life Lesson

Ride to river. .

After a days of living with myself, finally I was back on road with friends few days back. We went to a river called Sindrot and my first step in the water had to turn into a fall because of my clumsiness and the slippery ground(hiding her face). 46 more words


I'm so clumsy, I lost an entire post

… on how clumsy I was. It was truly a piece of art, a hilarious account of how I tripped over a tree whilst on a map reading exercise. 39 more words



I am a walking disaster zone.  The theme tune to my life goes something like this:

“Ouch!” – me walking into the door frame on my way to the loo after I’ve woken up. 461 more words

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome