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Deal 1187: Quest

That road was only the first of many, but I had to begin somewhere. It wasn’t even that much of a road, more like a less muddy path in the bleak landscape that was my birthplace. 201 more words

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Things happen...All the time

Normally when I’m trying to impress someone with my stellar wit and intelligence, I end up saying something like, “Sausages are awkwardly shaped, aren’t they?” or “I wanted to be a nurse until I realised people have gross hairy bits.” ¬†Alternatively, I trip, bump into things or spill soup down my front. 328 more words

Deal 1187 Preview

Leaves Fall Where They May:
On a puddle of purplish (#725049) are scattered
Past experience, Clumsiness, chicken, hobo, and Free Will.

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Progress? | Late Update

This is going to be short and sweet, or bittersweet. My body has not been feeling quite right and I have a large stack of paperwork to fill out, so I didn’t have the extra few hours to spend on my measure in this week. 215 more words

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Deal 1176: Priced Dog

We all know that too many Princes are born without any innate sense of the value of things, and their typical upbringing does nothing to remedy this lack through training or example. 243 more words

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Deal 1176 Preview

Root and Branch:
Roots: prince, dog, and window
Branches: Purity, Clumsiness, and Indoctrination

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Deal 1173: River of keys

The keys clicked constantly in the background, blending together to sound a little like the surf or a waterfall. Consistent white noise, almost hypnotic.

In the foreground, other things were happening. 141 more words

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