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Cringe-Worthy Clumsiness

Hey there lovelies!

See I’m trying to come up with an original and über catchy way of greeting you guys and I can’t think of one. 567 more words


Why is my room so cold

I was like, “why is my room so cold?”
Realized that I had my window open… haha. Clumsy me.

College/university Life

An early setback in my bid for serenity

BEFORE the start of this new year I conducted a brief chat with myself on the subject of resolutions. It went along these lines.

‘Well, old girl, what do you think you might try and fail at this year, then?’ 567 more words

Columns 2015


Rory Swenson has been waiting forever to turn twelve years old. Literally, all her life. And finally, the day has (almost) come. Luckily, Rory is prepared— she has a to-do list. 478 more words

Clumsily Anonymous

Hi all,

I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long – Happy New Year by the way – but a lot’s gone on. How is everyone? I hope 2015 is treating you all well so far. 334 more words


A fall in Weston

My body screams, ‘STOP!’ and this time I must listen.

Trapped nerves and over-burdened muscles have made typing almost impossible.

I went to Weston – left a washing basket (originally holding copies of ‘ 135 more words


Visual Activities for the older infant to three year old

Start to notice how your child uses their vision, are they distracted by everything they see in a new space, are they wary of new spaces, do they look away from a toy while reaching for it,  do they fall over toys left on the floor, or are they able to focus on what is in front of them?   589 more words

Motor Development