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The Clumsiness Chronicles - 1 

Life with Buttery Fingers

Remember that character from everybody’s favorite childhood comic book Tinkle, Butterfingers? That kid who always dropped anything and everything he touched? (If you were not a fan of Tinkle at some point of your life then it’s because you are either not a 90s kid or because you were really uncool.) If I were to write an autobiography then my story would be, well, ditto. 394 more words

Chronicles & Debacles

Crash! Crack! Boom! from frequent clumsiness

I think there are a lot of medications out there that include a little tag reading “Be careful operating a motor vehicle or machinery until you are familiar with how it affects you.” Or “May cause dizziness.” Such clumsiness, lack of alertness or slow reaction time, however, is not limited to those on medication(s), but can be caused from various illnesses themselves, or maybe just plain old clumsiness or distractability from an unknown source. 481 more words


Monday Morning 

Toothpaste in my eye,

With no pants on, went to work.

Good start of the day.




Deal 1060: Rats

The rats in the walls are smarter than they look. They may not talk much, but they listen. And they hear a lot. After all, who suspects that a rat might be listening? 53 more words

Daily Deal

And a 5 6 7 8…!

As part of our constant quest for innovation and funkiness, Drinking Tips for Teens is pleased to present the world’s first choreographed blog post. What’s black and white and ready to boogie all over? 723 more words


Declaration of Love

My mind blanks, “Love you…

Like, uh, totally… big time!”

Her kiss on my lips.