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My body is a prison, it's made up of cells

Hello, late again, this has become a habit – but I’m a busy bee…

I just wanted to share some interesting things about the senses really, specifically sight and proprioception. 739 more words


Deal 915: No longer young, Frank.

He was big, real big, you might even call him a monster. He always claimed he had been made and not born, and made larger than normal so that the details were easier to see and stitch together correctly. 253 more words

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Deal 915 Preview

Side A: Certainty, Clumsiness
The Difference: Support—Envy
Side B: Fate, Saw

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The clumsy chronicles pt.2

If you’ve been following my ramblings long enough, you’ve probably noticed that I have already talked about how clumsy I can be, but in all honesty, I reach new levels each day and therefore have to update this public diary of clumsiness. 240 more words

Friday letters

Hello everyone! I hope your Friday is going well so far? As for me, the first thing I did after getting dressed this morning was spill almond purée stuff down my new skirt! 278 more words


Clumsy Is as Clumsy Does

Anyone who has known J for any period of time would be able to confirm that he is clumsy, not necessarily in a falling over type of way (though there was that time he fell over on the way down Skiddaw, although I’ve always said that was more of a temper tantrum, as there was nowhere he could have a wee without being spotted from miles around) but more in the way of breaking things.  837 more words


Deal 900: The Fisherman

In the end, there was no other way it could have come to be. But at the beginning, it wasn’t clear at all.

In my travels, I found I was always aware of fish. 287 more words

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