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Deal 1015 Preview

Spiral on my Mind:
Temporary, tea, Rat, Lawsuit, chicken, Clumsiness, Guardianship, alarm, and hobo

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Deal 1007: Stubborn Swamp

Stubbornness has always run in my family. At every turn, we’ve always turned back and tried again. This has not always ended well, lots of effort has been sunk into goals doomed to fail. 153 more words

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Deal 1007 Preview

Spiral on my Mind:
sunk, Purity, fowl, Frog, Clumsiness, Failure, Learning, Widget, and Envy

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Traumatic vacuuming

I’m sure this is highly relatable so I just wanted to share with you all the trauma I just experienced so you all know that you’re not alone in your dark times. 410 more words

Falling disgracefully

I am not immune to the odd accident.

It’s not like I’m the world’s clumsiest person, but there are those among us who do whisper that I may be accident prone. 329 more words



Es dauert immer ein bisschen

Bis ich da bin

Wo ich hinging

Schlafwandelnder Wanderer

Mein Stirnhirn blieb



Wie mein Anorak

So oft

An der Tasche die Tür zuzieht


Deal 993: Nonnet


Back ways of the Big Easy are not
the place for klutzes, plan or not
none survives the enemy
yet learning that I still… 14 more words

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