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These (battle)scars...

I was watching a Hindi TV show the other day and the heroine has very newly fallen in love with the hero of the show who isn’t aware of her feelings. 1,340 more words

Tidbits And Musings

ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY FIVE...watermelon, the potpourri of life

I have serendipitously discovered something huge. For my whole adult life I have been burning candles in my kitchen. Mostly because they smell amazing, but there’s also the soothing lull of the candle flickering in the background. 560 more words


How to Handle Clumsiness

I’ve always found it fascinating the way some people will take a running jump and hurl themselves at an unwarranted conclusion.

Take all those readers who—based on nothing more substantial than my repeated assertions that my family don’t keep any animals—have assumed that my family don’t keep any animals. 13 more words


The Gambler

Somethings keep remaining funny long after your life should’ve outgrown them.

  • Watching people trip and fall
  • Friends dropping ice cream cones, tacos, or other cherished food items…
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Deal 751: George and Leanne

For George, success was never really a goal. He preferred to settle into an identity, and just soak in life’s ups and downs until it was time to move on. 550 more words

Daily Deal

Deal 751 Preview

Color me a River:
On a puddle of lavender (#bebada) are dealt
success, Stagnation, Guardianship, Loyalty, Clumsiness, Love, and Baseness

Daily Deal

The Paddle Board Rescue of Shame

… when you only have about 10 people who read your blogs but one of them starts to moan that she hasn’t seen one in a while… 639 more words