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Deal 282: Watched

Most of the time I can ignore it. But every once in a while, there is no way forward but to acknowledge the obvious.

Something is watching. 396 more words


Deal 282 Preview

There and Back Again:
Through Eye, Clumsiness, and Gentleman.
Then through hobo, Grace, and nose.

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Deal 271: A Secret

The crashing noises in the distance were of legendary proportions, almost to the point of wanting to turn to anyone and shout “Hark! The god Thor is sneaking into our building!” 768 more words


Deal 271 Preview

There and Back Again:
Through Clumsiness, Guardianship, and Plurality.
Then through Unity, Neglect, and Grace.

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Deal 265: Haiku cycle

loyal as a dog
clumsy as a clown on ice
slapstick tramp loves you

whim of the moment
beats out well thought out desires
balancing is key… 11 more words

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Deal 265 Preview

There and Back Again:
Through Loyalty, Clumsiness, and Impulsiveness.
Then through Prudence, Grace, and Traitor.

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