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MTT 146

Satire exists solely on idiocies corruption nepotism and other clumsiness and its death is certain the day when politicians become statesmen

Deal 972: Two Haiku


ringing alarms call
clumsiness into spotlight
so hard to succeed


uncountable ways
to reach the phone before it
rings and shatters now

Daily Deal

Deal 972 Preview

A Wink and a Smile:
Eyes: Abhor, Phone
Mouth: success, Clumsiness, Infinite

Daily Deal

Embarrassed by my clumsiness againĀ 

Well, that’s great. I’m going to have to leave the coffee shop soon because being the clumsy, overly anxious freak that I am, I managed to spill coffee all over my table and my jeans. 58 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

Friendly Competition

Well, hello there, friends. Oh… The life of an escort. I begin each morning stumbling around, as if half drunk, bumping into everything in sight. Dropping, almost, everything I touch. 2,215 more words

Still Paying the Price

I told you that I sliced my finger instead of the roast beef several days ago. It’s been a challenge trying not to get my bandage wet while cooking, cleaning, washing my hair, showering, etc., so I’m moving (and typing) a bit more slowly than usual. 100 more words

Life Lessons

Harry Potter and the Culture of Clumsiness

Slapstick, I feel, doesn’t always translate well to the written word, which is why is has always troubled me when characters in the Harry Potter books would accidentally break things. 764 more words