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Deal 460: Tragedy, inevitably

I knew it was a dumb idea at the time, but I did it anyway.

Our families didn’t approve, would never approve, and really could never approve. 275 more words

Daily Deal

Deal 460 Preview

Root and Branch:
Certainty, Disguise, Limited, Love, Clumsiness, Widget, butter knife.

Daily Deal

Finding laughter in my pregnancy and pain.

I should preface this post by saying I am neither graceful nor shy.

I am still early in my pregnancy. We will be 20 weeks along on Thursday, November 12th. 364 more words


I guess ghosts don’t actually need hair, but that thought never crossed my mind as I stood on our back patio and stared down at a clump of my own hair lying on the gray concrete. 943 more words

Intimacy With God

Physical Spontaneity and Awkwardness Consequence Syndrome!

We are clumsy. I think it is genetic. We are of the clumsy people. We are of the lanky, fast moving, lacking in awareness of how big we really are, or the ability to foretell or recall consequence of said lack of awareness, clumsy people. 896 more words


Wouldn't it be nice if . . . (Wish #2)

no one thought it abnormal to trip occasionally (or regularly) while walking?

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