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What Goes Up...

How is it that, in the first three months of 2017, I have fallen over more times than I have done in the past five years? 668 more words

State of Grace

The description, “She walks with fluid soft grace, she almost floats” has been used to describe me NEVER! You will never hear the words fluid soft grace, when someone talks about me. 543 more words


Deal 942: No snakes, nonnet

O Famed Erin, beset by serpents
of thought and imagination,
or poisoned by foreboding,
outside of all reason.
Onus is Patrick’s:
oust all or else
obey but
out truth

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Deal 942 Preview

Veiled Secrets:
On a puddle of green (#b3de69) are thrown
Clumsiness, Intelligence, Abhor, Traitor, Poison, Fear, and darkness

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Seemingly 'Simple' Things That I Struggle With Or Am Unable To Do Alone

I made a list of things that I find either difficult or impossible. Some people look at me like I’ve got 6 heads when I try to explain many of them. 416 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

Deal 932: Not entirely clumsy

As I entered the room, I stumbled and caught myself on a waiter. “Sorry about that.”

“No harm, sir. Watch for that step.”

His warning was just in time as I made my way across the sunken dance floor. 793 more words

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Deal 932 Preview

Veiled Secrets:
On a puddle of pale yellow (#ffffb3) are thrown
Disguise, Clumsiness, Lawsuit, War, live, Terror, and teddy bear

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