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(Nice) things fall apart: a whinge break.

When I was a kid, I broke stuff. Like, all the time. My mother’s ceramic dough bowl (inexplicably kept on our living room floor). My American Girl doll’s leg. 496 more words


The Lupron Diaries: Dealing with Clumsiness

If you’ll recall my list of side effects that suck, clumsiness and stumbling/falling is one of the more common ones. This one’s kind of tough, since there aren’t a whole lot of tricks and tips to offer. 410 more words

My Life

Hard Weekend

No, I haven’t been out partying.  It’s just been a hard weekend, and a hard couple of days before that.

I finally got in to doing my physical therapy for the shoulder I injured about 3 weeks ago (doc was worried I had a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder).  544 more words



Words are clumsy

We create forests with it

And named them poetry

Like a poultry its too wordy

Too colorful, too loud

That  deafen our conscious… 37 more words

health wise, head wise

admittedly, the physical pain that often plagues me has lessened considerably. i rely much less on pain medications. and to be honest, although it’s a good thing and it is heartening, i am also afraid. 527 more words


I saw another Orange Tip on the way down Lodge Lane this morning, which is both good and bad. I like seeing them, but if it’s not in the area around the Centre I don’t count them towards the annual list. 311 more words

Care Farm

Imitation of Life: a day in the life on the spectrum

I’m increasingly encountering the phrase, “if you’ve met one Aspie…you’ve met one Aspie.”  This means that there’s just as much variation among individuals on the spectrum (even within the same level) as there is among allistics (those not on the spectrum). 2,270 more words