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Imitation of Life: a day in the life on the spectrum

I’m increasingly encountering the phrase, “if you’ve met one Aspie…you’ve met one Aspie.”  This means that there’s just as much variation among individuals on the spectrum (even within the same level) as there is among allistics (those not on the spectrum). 2,270 more words


My son seldom knows when to stop pouring his affection on our cat. He’ll pick him up and hold him to the point where the cat is aggressively growling and hissing. 206 more words


Day 96

Tuesday 5th April 2016

I think losing weight has made me more clumsy! I am wondering if the weight change has made my balance go funny. 153 more words

Weight Loss

Bloody Nail and Tap in the Spleen

So, yesterday I posted about how I walked into a rusted iron sign post, today was no better either.

So I went to this cyber cafe to print some posters, and by some I mean 11 posters (and they are amaaaazing). 147 more words


Deal 585: Loyal to the Order

I always aimed to be loyal.

I could not have joined if I weren’t willing to be loyal, I know that loyalty to Our Order is bound up in its oaths and laws. 438 more words

Daily Deal

Deal 585 Preview

Chaotic Hit or Miss:
Fact: nose
Lie: Raven
Mu: Music
Hit: Loyalty
Miss: Clumsiness

Daily Deal

Reflections on Broken Things

Recently my life has revolved around a series of broken things.

There have been the objects.  First shattered was my iPhone 4 screen.  That phone had served me well.   589 more words