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Deal 305: Acrostisonneted

Reality intruded on scripted
Experience, cloaked dreams, demanded eyes.
As the players turned, costumes ripped
Leaving stars naked, all but shoes and ties.

“Ouch, my eyes!” an actor’s word to the wise… 63 more words

Daily Deal

Swingle acting like a teenager!

I’ve noticed that Swingle has been a bit accident prone lately, slipping on some stones, crashing over, thumping her head when she lies down and so on. 347 more words


on do-over's

i had one of those moments today. one of those moments where the second the words left my mouth i wanted to pull them back in, swallow them, gulp them down and shove them into a place where they could never escape my lips again. 531 more words

On One Thing Or Another

Clumsiness - My Personal Art Form

The misfortune of being clumsy, is often interoperated as act, a thing people often believe is displayed for comedic effect. Well perhaps in some people’s cases it may be! 516 more words

Northern Shenangians

tragedy of the absent-minded

Never space out when you’re walking around and holding a violin bow.

I usually do this, and nothing out of the ordinary happens, but this time, I was walking past a tiny electric fan with its blades whirring at full force. 211 more words

Deal 282: Watched

Most of the time I can ignore it. But every once in a while, there is no way forward but to acknowledge the obvious.

Something is watching. 396 more words

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