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[Recap] Summerlicious 2015 - Cluny

After having an amazing lunch at this place when they first joined for licious a year ago from now, I knew I wanted to go back here for a dinner meal during Summerlicious 2015. 1,348 more words



Delighted to announce that I’m joining forces with The Cluny to bring VANT back to the North East:

Tickets on sale this Friday for all of the usual outlets.

Pay For The Piano

Christmas bah humbug!

I am a father of a young child and a lover of decadent food so there is so much of Christmas i love  but for every glazed gammon we get a overcooked turkey , for every fairytale in New York the radio plays is followed by something from x factor with added sleigh bells and for every its a wonderful life at the Tyneside cinema Christmas 24 will show a rodeo and Juliet Christmas and yes that is indeed a real thing. 495 more words



Cluny is the principal abbey of the Cluniac order. The cluny church was built in Romanesque style of architecture. So, we can observe the romanesque architecture charteristics in here; thick walls, round arches, large towers, decorative ornaments, massive quality in larger scale. 340 more words


14th September 1538. No Place for 'Alien' Houses.

Hundreds of years before the monastic dissolution of Henry VIII, ‘Alien Priories’, were being closed and their assets dispersed mainly into the pockets of monarchs.  582 more words