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Got to stare at ugly pictures of handicapped soldiers and civilians "collateral damages"

Got to stare at ugly pictures of handicapped soldiers and civilians “collateral damages”

It’s impolite to stare.

But when it comes to severely injured soldiers, maybe we don’t look enough; or maybe we’d rather not see wounded veterans at all. 924 more words


Sayyed Houthi: "Riyadh Conference" Fuels Yemeni Conflict

كلمة السيد عبد الملك الحوثي عن العدوان السعودي على اليمن

Local Editor

20-05-2015 | 16:27

Leader of Yemeni revolutionaries, Ansarullah, Sayyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi asserted that the movement supports reaching a political solution in the country, considering that Riyadh Conference would fuel the conflict in Yemen. 225 more words

War Crimes And Criminals

ARMS - a poem by Michael J. Whelan (Kosovo War)



During the war in Kosovo

a lot of ordnance was dropped,

the ground sewn with a

deadly liberation.

The children didn’t understand,

the merchants never cared. 136 more words


US Approves Saudi Use Of Banned Cluster Bombs (But Only If They're Extra Careful)

Source: ZeroHedge

Following a report on Sunday, where Human Rights Watch said video and photographic evidence showed that Saudi Arabia used cluster bombs near villages in Yemen’s Saada Province at least two separate times, the US State Department said it is “looking into” the allegations but, … 351 more words

World At WAR

Actions and Adjectives: Cluster Bombs

Summary: When it comes to reporting on the death of civilians, it is interesting to review how and when some media outlets choose to simply report facts, rather than delve into critical reporting. 1,249 more words


Burn After Reading: Pinochet and the Iranians

Some time ago I wrote about a Freedom of Information request I’d made in 2007, https://notesontheamericas.wordpress.com/2014/01/23/a-long-delayed-freedom-of-information-request/ searching for any documents dealing with the Pinochet regime’s arms sales as part of the research for my second Chile book, … 628 more words


THE PLAIN OF JARS: Thanks to The US government, going off the beaten track might kill you

During the Vietnam War, the USA dropped several million tons of cluster bombs over the neutral country of Laos in a massive breach of the 1962 Geneva Convention.. 617 more words