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I’ve already admitted in my previous post that I wasn’t really prepared for motherhood. I skim read through the books that were given to me with a kind of *fingers in ears* ” I’m not listening/This isn’t happening to me” kind of denial. 745 more words


I'm going to feed my baby how?

**Please note this post is in no way meant to shame any momma who isn’t breastfeeding their baby. You do what’s best for your sanity and your baby. 853 more words

Mommy In The Grey Hat

Week 26 - cluster feeding

Just when you think it’s safe to go out, along comes a cluster feeding day!

I’d heard that there was another growth spurt around the six months mark but hadn’t really thought about the implications for us. 270 more words


The First Week With My Baby

Coming home from the hospital with our first baby was a bit terrifying. We had this teeny, tiny baby in a car seat which looked enormous. 1,056 more words


Yes, Your Supply is Fine!

Before we get started, let’s go ahead and insert disclaimers 3 and 4 in here. Now..

“Help! I’m three weeks postpartum and my milk has dried up! 2,486 more words


Milestones for Baby and Me!

In the midst of my unemployment journey something else happened. Something very big. A couple of big things, actually.

My sweet baby Raelynn turned 1 year old, I made it to 1 year of breastfeeding, and I was also able to successfully wean her off the breast. 679 more words


The Fourth Trimester & Beginnings of Breastfeeding: Cluster Feedings and Mastitis

Ellie was now two weeks old. The sessions with the chiropractor were beginning to improve her latch, but something still wasn’t right. She still cried all the time. 4,808 more words