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Words of Encouragement from One Nursing Mother to Another

My daughter was a cluster feeder.

My son had a sensitive stomach and cried for hours at a time.

With my cluster feeder, I gave up nursing her when she was … actually, I can’t quite put a number on it because it was a gradual weening off 8 month process. 555 more words


Sleep when the baby sleeps...

This is all very well and good, except when your baby chooses the moment you’re doing something like eating lunch to fall asleep. Then, because you’re used to him only sleeping for a little while before demanding more food, you stay awake anticipating the next marathon cluster feed session. 251 more words


Starting (educationally) afresh

Although it is now March (I can’t quite believe we’re in the third month of the year already but apparently that is indeed the case!), I feel like our 2015 home ed year is just about to start. 488 more words


It's Completely Normal

Exhaustion and hormones can really make you question your parenting skills and your baby’s behavior.  It’s easy to resort to the internet to diagnose the symptoms you observe in your baby.   515 more words

Courage, Cluster-feeding and Co-sleeping

One month ago today I gave birth to a beautiful big boy. It could not have gone more smoothly and being in the Family Birth Centre with my own midwives allowed me to deliver my baby exactly how I wanted. 1,108 more words

Sleep (for the love of god, sleep)- Part 1

Yes, random person on the street, I do indeed have a baby. Yes, he does look very comfy snuggled up against me in his soft baby carrier (and because I’m a determined.to-get-every-single-aspect-of-this-parenting-lark-nailed-even-if-it-kills-me type of mother he is of course in an nice ergonomically-designed, organic cotton carrier not one of those awful ones that the majority of people use with the baby facing out, good lord, don’t you know that those things will cause devastating hip damage as soon as your child’s crotch gets up close to that nasty bit of synthetic fibre). 704 more words

Help! My baby has gone back to nursing every 2 hours!

Please share this not only with nursing mothers, but with those surrounding her too.
Mothers need nurturing too, especially during these times and sadly it’s these times that mothers tend to swap to bottle feeding, only to regret it a few weeks down the line.