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Full house?

Being pregnant with our fourth child was bittersweet… Knowing my husband was getting a vasectomy shortly after our fourth was born…

Now our fourth child is almost six weeks old, I have to say goodbye to the pregnancy chapter of my life.. 277 more words

Welcome to the Dairy Farm... What a Cluster F!

I know, this is a sensitive topic, so let me start out by saying kudos to you if you were/are able to breastfeed. It’s not an easy task, at all.   1,265 more words


Four months old today!

“Is that your baby?” the woman says to me while I wait in the pharmacy the other day. “It looks like you’re holding a soft toy.” 477 more words


Have you got the bottle?

Breastfeeding is hard. Moving from breast to bottle can sometimes be even harder. You might be exhausted and need a break or you’re going back to work or you’ve just decided that enough is enough, you’ve done your best mama and you want to move on to the bottle. 418 more words

Pretty Lax Parenting

My son is 200% mamas boy with some “don’t you dare put me down.” Literally. Do. Not. Put. Him. Down. Unless it’s convinent for him. Then he will allow it. 405 more words

A glossary of motherhood

When raising a newborn your vocabulary changes. Words that you thought you understood take on new and different meanings.

As promised, this is the third instalment on how you change and forget normal social etiquette when you have a baby and I’ve compiled a glossary of some of the top, most used words and phrases that are now part of my standard daily lexicon. 1,911 more words


10 things I didn’t know about being a parent and babies before I had one...

As my daughter turns six months old, I’ve been thinking back to before she was born and how naive we were. We have two young nieces, so you think we would have known what we were getting into but nothing can prepare you for how much a baby will change you. 622 more words