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Cluster feeding

Frequent or constant feedings during a block of time, usually at night, when baby is having a growth spurt. Usually lasts 1-3 days.

It’s not unusual for moms to worry when their baby has a growth spurt.

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Surviving growth spurts

How do I survive a growth spurt?

“During a growth spurt, let everyone else do everything else. This means someone else cooks dinner, loads the dishwasher, and washes clothes for a few days.

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When do babies have growth spurts?

Babies tend to have growth spurts when they are….

7-10 days old

3 weeks

6 weeks

3 months

6 months

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1 Week Newborn Update

Like my pregnancy updates I want to keep these as honest as possible so I’m copying them straight out of my baby book.

     I have the ‘Bump to Birthday – Pregnancy and First Year Journal’ ( 754 more words

My First Week of Breastfeeding

I thought I would document my first week of breastfeeding this time around. I wish I had done it with Sadie to a) compare and b) remember what my experience was. 2,072 more words

Not cluster feeding...

One of the most exhausting things I’ve ever experienced. As I thought my daughter might have had some sort of routine- I was wrong. At the beginning I had no idea what’s going on. 676 more words


Well you know where your perineum is now

Stealth boast: it often surprises people who have observed my gazelle-like limbs and absent derrière that the greatest pleasure of my life is food, that is eating it.  546 more words

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