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Organized Desk Space

Thought I’d pop in and share a quick blog post on how I organized my desk last weekend.  Unfortunately I didn’t take a “before” picture so you could really see the mess. 274 more words


Sentimental clutter

In The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up Marie Kondo talks about leaving sentimental items until last when purging your home. The emotional exhaustion is too great to make any effective headway unless you are well practised in the art of Getting Rid. 566 more words

Why a garage sale is a wise decision.

My family and I handle a garage sale atleast once a year to get rid of unused and unwanted clutter that are still usable. You may want to know how we do it and the steps to do so, since it seems like a lot of work to handle one! 798 more words

The really crisp headline that is supposed to talk about "minimalism"

Here’s a quick summary of what it means to be a “minimalist” – crisp Instagram captions, no more than one lipstick shade, giving away half your wardrobe to the watchman’s kids and sleeping on a mattress on the floor. 159 more words

Mini Cable/Earphone Cases

I recently bought two mini ear phone cases that was £1 each.

I got these to organise my bag and not have random wires loose everywhere. 92 more words



I am a food fanatic.

I love food. Not just any food, but quality food, nutritious food, elegant food, tasty food, exotic food. I truly enjoy food: shopping for it, cooking and creating it, eating it, serving it.I love checking out new restaurants. 872 more words


Make it your happy place

I’ve written about my cousin Gayle’s 1200-square-foot townhouse before (read original post “Living Clutter-free” here). She’s an organizational genius and (in my opinion) gives Martha Stewart a run for her money (yes Gayle bakes too!) 221 more words