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Say Anything

While I was on my way home from an amazing week in Bolivia, God prompted me to purchase a book to read on my kindle app for my last flight home. 922 more words


On Hoarding (Project #NoMoreClutter Part 2)

Hoarding: First steps to recovery

In my last post, I launched Project #NoMoreClutter, my bid to de-clutter my life. Although this is a project that will address the ‘clutter’ different aspects of my life, the most natural place for me to start is in my physical space. 260 more words


Reducing clutter - 2 highly effective, messy-person-proof tricks

Get your home one step closer to being clutter-free with two simple organisation tips

Trying to reduce the clutter in your home can be really frustrating and overwhelming, particularly when being organized isn’t your strength. 424 more words


100 Days to Clutter Free

For the next 100 days, I am challenging myself to reduce, repurpose, or rid our home of the things that take up family space. When our home is cluttered, so is my mind, and it makes it that much harder for me to raise everyone else up when I’m a distracted, cranky grouch. 178 more words


Tips to Tidy Up Your Home

Are you tired of the toys strewn about your home?

Is the mess too much?

Keep on reading for tips to tidy up your home! 469 more words

Farm Life

Clean-up that mess!

I love cleanliness. Sorry for those who don’t…I’ll explain why.

I can’t stand the sight of banana peel sitting on someone’s office desk for multiple days or that wrapper in their car enjoying multiple rides over weeks. 534 more words



Yes, I am stuck at cleaning the home forever. I just feel like, there is never ending session of organizing, getting rid of stuff and most importantly cleaning. 488 more words