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Freedom in simplicity



The first step then is to get rid of the CLUTTER. Once you get rid of the clutter, you can find the FREEDOM IN SIMPLICITY to live SIMPLY. 206 more words

Clutter Free

Build Church: Keep It Simple

As humans we can have a tendency to over-complicate things. We fill our lives to the brim with so much stuff and then get frustrated when we don’t see the kind of growth, change or difference we are supposedly striving for. 424 more words


The Big Purge

Colour grouping helps me create outfits and see what I have too much of

Dressier clothes are stored elsewhere

Not exactly capsule but much more organised… 1,144 more words

Moving toward less

Have you heard the term ‘less is more‘? Let’s look at how you can make ‘less is more’ a reality in your life. Remember, less stuff = less stress… 344 more words

Clutter Free

Bedside Tables // Finding the Right One

I have been on the hunt for new bedside tables for a long while, I didn’t realise how difficult it could be narrowing down what I wanted from the look I had in my head to the reality of finding it in the big wide world.   360 more words


Vegan & Zero Waste : Bathroom Cabinet

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Αυτό είναι το ντουλαπάκι του μπάνιου μου. Λίγα πράγματα με μικρή τιμή και μεγάλη αξία.

Μερικά βαζάκια και μπουκαλάκια: 

Το λάδι προσώπου μου 231 more words