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Letting Go of Sentimental Items

While I have talked somewhat about the topic of clutter and sentimentality, I now want to go a bit more in depth about how to let go of things that we don’t really need, nor really want, but sentimentality attached to the item is getting in the way. 866 more words


Book Club: Lark Rise

And so to book eight – Lark Rise by Flora Thompson.

In absolute shame,  I must confess that this book has been languishing on my bookshelves for thirteen years. 387 more words

All My Belongings in a Carry-On

I greatly enjoy the freedom and precious time that being a minimalist provides. As I previously blogged in Waking Up from the American Dream, I used to own a house, a car, furniture, appliances, etc. 675 more words

Life Philosophy

Trying to Become Clutter Free

I recieved a book in a Homemaking bundle that I purchased yesterday called 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life.

‘This the season of Spring Cleaning! 136 more words


Sick of stuff

As I have written before, I generally consider myself to have minimalist leanings and clutter makes me anxious and snappy. The more calm my environment, the quieter my mind. 680 more words

Organizing the Free-For-All That is My Life

My definition of Organized is:

     *To be able to find my crap quickly in any room, space or file. And it has to look neat and prettily arranged. 372 more words


Spring Cleaning: Project Nursery

I take great pride in saying I did not fall prey to the common first-time-mommy tendency of buying everything under the sun for my baby, neither before or after giving birth. 409 more words

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