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Tweak your week Tuesday

Slow start today and as I sit at the kitchen table I’m inspired to “tweak” the clutter right out of the space. Easy?  Not likely but perhaps I can dig in my heels and “git ‘er done”. 58 more words

Daily Living

There Is No Wrong Thing to Declutter

West recently gave me the green light to aggressively declutter our books. We both have lots of books and love reading, but a lot of the books on our shelves are ones we will never read again. 964 more words


Joy of coming home

I have been quiet for about a week as we have been away on a short break…. but I have to say, the thought of coming home to a clean & somewhat decluttered house was exciting. 87 more words


“15 minutes a day, keep the clutter away”

Ga muluk-muluk sih… yang penting semangat bebenah terjaga tiap hari. Buat saya pribadi, semangat benahin printilan ini ternyata jadi ngaruh banget ke semangat benahin diri.

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15 minutes a day

Sewaktu hamil Fatih, ketika lagi rajin-rajinnya ke perpustakaan, saya menemukan buku tentang bagaimana menghilangkan kebiasaan suka menunda. Lupa judulnya apa, tapi covernya masih terbayang-bayang. Salah satu tipsnya, dengan membagi waktu kita per-15 menit. 254 more words


How I'm slowly learning to live minimally..

Ok, so, over the course of a few months, since January really, I’ve taken it upon myself and my family to get rid of a lot of stuff. 1,214 more words

What’s on my desk?

Hello hello hello,

A while back, I shared some of the tools I use to stay organized. Now, I think it’s time I take that to the next level a little bit by sharing what is actually on my desk at all times to help me live through that organization and structure! 650 more words