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Christmas Simplified

In past years it would look like Christmas exploded in my house. Poinsettias everywhere. Swags over every window, red and green curtains, and tons and tons of knick knacks. 216 more words

Christmas Decor

How To Be Clutter-free

I used to have THE messiest room. Sometimes, it was rivaled by that of my little brother’s, but it was still pretty bad. Piles of clothes everywhere. 371 more words

Minimalism and Anxiety

anxiety comes
like a freight train with no brakes
anxiety goes

            The first time I realized that I had anxiety was somewhere in my late teens. 1,124 more words


Woven into the tapestry of an old home

Our home is on the cusp of entering its 107th year. My family is just the fourth to live here, and this is not uncommon on our street. 1,367 more words

Living Intentionally

Written for Scam Artist #5

Custom Cabinets for the Garage

When people think of custom cabinetry, they usually think of the kitchen or bathroom; the garage is rarely the first thing that pops to mind. 983 more words

366 things... is rather a lot

I was doing so well!

Looking back I can hardly believe that my decluttering mission has all gone wrong in such a short space of time. 396 more words

Minimalism Defined

This afternoon I was pursuing a sub-Reddit about minimalism and was completely drawn into a question about the definition of minimalism. Is miniamlism a hipster fad, a way to save the planet, a contest, or something else entirely? 883 more words