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Sustainable Sunday - Small Kitchen Duty

A few years ago it would have been a rare occurrence to see me in the kitchen.  Back then we went out to eat frequently.  Cooking was not something I enjoyed or had the time for.  562 more words

Sustainable Sundays

Staying Focused!

A healthy mind and body is the one that not only stays fit but also stays focused! Focus at work, school, household chores… in every walk of life is essential, else you will be working aimlessly. 366 more words

6 Great Space-Free Gift Ideas

I love giving gifts. Seriously. It feels so good, right? I don’t have a gigantic budget to work with, nor do I like to give gifts that are going to take up room on a shelf. 909 more words


Design Patterns - 'neat' & ' clutter-free' shall always go a long way

“Taste & class in ‘designing’ has come a long way.

Neat patterns that hold the concept together in the message are hailed;engage the audience & make it exquisite too. 43 more words

How to Have Clutter-Free Hobbies

As we began to declutter, I had the wonderful surprise of actually having free time.  Suddenly, I was no longer spending every waking hour either at work or cleaning the house!   711 more words

To buy or not to buy a Car?

I announced to my colleagues at work that “I want to buy a car” and “with full down payment”.

They remarked – it is much cheaper to buy a car with monthly payments than buying a car with down payment. 493 more words


5 ways to get rid of clutter in style 

We’ve all been there… Between being parents and working, socialising and looking after the dogs and finding enough time to rest, clutter appears. And it won’t go away until we do something about it! 335 more words

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