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Clutter is no more than postponed decisions -Babara Hemphill.

Disclaimer : This is not what I’ve tried personally but I hope to do soon.

Embracing a Minimalist Lifestyle can mean a healthier body, mind and home. 504 more words

Today Has Gone to The Dogs

I know you’re wondering where my weekly post is. Truthfully the entire week has gone to the dogs. My week started out with my office flooding (clogged drain) and that has eaten up my week. 129 more words


Clutter Free – v. 2017.615.4.15

A bug fix and a minor update:

  1. Bug fix: Duplicate tabs were not being closed if ‘don’t move original tab’ was selected in options.
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Update Notes

Clutter free with kids

A lot of people asked whether this was possible.

Clutter free and kids? That seem kind of like an oxymoron.

Similarly, when we first welcomed Ally into the family, there seemed to be so much stuff that we needed to prepare. 507 more words


Clutter Free – v. 2017.607.4.14

Minor updates:

  1. Bug fix: Duplicate tabs were not being closed if ‘move original tab to the last position in the window‘ was selected in options.
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Update Notes

Clutter Free – v. 2017.605.4.12

The direct switch icon is now hidden by default. Direct switch still works as before – directly switching to open tab when a link is clicked. 69 more words

Update Notes

Introducing: Quick tab search

Quick tab search & switch

Quickly search through all your tabs from extension popup ( keyboard shortcut1: alt + x). Switch to selected tab, or close them directly from the popup. 219 more words

Update Notes