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Day 13 of the Clutter Free Challenge

Day 13 is focused on the vehicle(s). We own 3 vehicles; a Durango, an Escalade, and my husband’s business truck. When it comes to our vehicles we are neat freaks. 178 more words


Day 11 of Clutter Free Challenge

Today’s challenge is to toss 25 items out of the medicine cabinet. I do not have a medicine cabinet in my bathroom. The only thing on our wall in the bathroom is a mirror and the lights. 241 more words


Why you should get rid of the "junk" drawer !

We’ve all probably got one or have had one … The “junk drawer” aptly named because it’s the drawer where you stick all the stuff you can’t be bothered to put away . 176 more words

Living With Less

Today is Day 3 in the Clutter Free Challenge by Kathi Lipp. Today is focusing on the kitchen counter-tops. This is another area where I have made it a point to keep cleared off as much as possible. 257 more words


Day 2 of the Clutter Free Challenge

Day 2 of the Clutter Free Challenge by Kathi Lipp is focused on the Bedroom. Kathi suggested getting rid of anything I don’t love, don’t use, and wouldn’t buy again. 245 more words


The Great Fall Clear Out

Hello lovelies and happy fall!! The last couple of weeks I have been inspired to once again through all of my belongings. It’ll be something similar to what I did when I first started blogging a year and a half ago. 244 more words

Another Look at Sentimental Items

Sentimentality is a cruel beast! It eats at your soul, devours your space, leaves nothing much but distress, regret, and guilt.

I have had an ongoing struggle with my “sentimental items.” The biggest concern being: are the things that I am keeping truly sentimental? 471 more words