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The 1 thing that they never warn you about when having children.

Before buying our home in Ohio, my husband and I lived very comfortably in a one bedroom apartment. We bought our beautiful home with gratitude for the amount of space that we had to host friends and family for Bible studies and game nights.  387 more words


Eliminating Clutter

I blamed others for clutter in my home because surely I couldn’t produce such a horrific sight. Then I looked at my office, which is always a disaster, and no one else works in there but me. 355 more words

Magical Tools

A Modern Viewpoint

Clutter—Let me free associate for a moment:

  • Stuff not being used, but someday I’ll need it;
  • Things once considered valuable because my parents treasured them;
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Minimalism...a Way to Better Health?

Modern culture has bought into the lie that the good life is found in accumulating things—in possessing as much as possible. They believe that more is better and have inadvertently subscribed to the idea that happiness can be purchased at a department store. 645 more words


The End of An Era--The End of Clothing Era

The End of a Clothing Era

Several months ago on a dark and stormy night, I had a conversation that upset me. The contents of which don’t really matter, but I remember feeling determined that I would not be defeated by the food monsters that make me want to eat when I’m upset, so I channeled my energy elsewhere. 706 more words


Whack A Mole

Does this sound familiar to you?

You walk past your crammed closet and think “I’ll clean it eventually.” Your overflowing drawers will not close and you think, “Oh what’s the big deal. 180 more words


How we say goodbye

“Please don’t be mad at me, but I got you a gift.”

she says to me as soon as we’re alone.

and I look at her with eyes pleading “Why?” … 274 more words