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Sunday 9th June, 2019.

My Spring Capsule Wardrobe Haul & Try-On | The Anna Edit – YouTube

Chunks of deflated, brick-like vacuum bags are taking up too much space in my wardrobe. 1,078 more words


Tiny Houses - Are these the future?

In the United States, Canada and Australia Tiny Houses are gaining ground amongst some consumers.

A typical tiny home in the US is between 100 and 400 square feet as compared with a standard-sized home that is around 2600 square feet. 169 more words


Points of Privilege

Note: This post is in the same series as The Toilet Paper Chronicles and Cowboys & Hankies. They can each be read independently, but if you would like more on the same topic, click the links. 1,362 more words



Is such a vital element in our lives. It feels like your intuition, that “gut feeling” and the rest of your body are in sync. Your vision seems obvious in how it will work out. 99 more words


Simple Tips

As promised, here are my simple tips to be updated and republished so Mom and Dad can be happy.

Boxes, trays, baskets, and binders are the tombs for the objects you love. 710 more words


My online shopping addiction: 59 days of (mostly) sobriety

Since pledging to stay the hell away from eBay, I have mostly succeeded.

I fell off the wagon a couple of times. I placed bids on two items: only one bid on each. 371 more words