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For many the words woman warrior conjure up an image of Annie Mae Pictou Aquash, and deservedly so.

It isn’t a stretch to image that if Annie were alive even as a grandmother she would be at Standing Rock fighting for the rights of indigenous people. 739 more words

Woman Severely Injured In DAPL Protest Brought To HCMC

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A woman from New York is in a Minneapolis hospital Tuesday. She is going through surgeries after claims of being hit with a grenade at Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. 476 more words



AIM has a history of accepting money from anyone, doesn’t matter who they are, what country it comes from, or what the ideology is.

The CPUSA, CPC, foreign oppressive governments, or even gangs involved in trafficking drugs and guns, it’s all good, it’s coin of the realm, and it all spends. 425 more words

American Indian Movement Of Murderers, Rapists, And Paedophiles Spawned By The United States Government

INTRO: This information is for the deceived, beguiled, brainwashed, and “spiritually spiked/drugged” (from drinking red made of the blood of innocents AIM kool-aid) followers of the American Indian Movement. 15,872 more words

Dennis Banks (Clyde Bellecourt) Need A .32 Bullet In Their Heads For Co-Ordering Annie Mae Aquash's Murder!

Yep…you read right! Banks knew full well what happened to Annie Mae Aquash at the hands of those “ordered” to murder her! Add to his name…Clyde Bellecourt and Dick Marshall. 1,271 more words


The bs emanating from ILPDC just keeps getting deeper and deeper – it isn’t enough to portray Peltier’s participation in the murder of two federal agents as “fighting for treaty rights”, or attempt to portray him as some honored AIM leader. 318 more words

John Trudell And His Synagogue of Satan Jew Attorney Bruce Ellison "Busted" For Their Role In The Murder" of Annie Mae Aquash!

Another confirmation with this information falling into my hands that the SPIRIT of Annie Mae Aquash…yes…she who stood by my side when I first read about her brutal RAPE AND MURDER by that collective of animated by Satan feral “Beasts 666” known among civilized humanity as The American Indian Movement…is leading me to find the truth. 5,752 more words

American Indian Movement