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An intro to Kellogg's Career Management Center

What is DAK? That was my first question as I began my role as Managing Director of the Career Management Center (CMC) just over a year ago. 377 more words

Student Life

Online Impression Formation through Email

In order to analyze the formation and management of online impressions, I chose to examine the impression formation of my future internship director during our online email conversation. 713 more words


CMC Top 10 Breakers Chart – March 7, 2015

The CMC Breakers Chart is a music chart based on new and rising artists who have never made the CMC or the Billboard Top 20 country chart in the USA (Canada is an exception.) If an act manage to “graduate” (enter the Top 20) is removed from the chart. 70 more words


My Street Photography

So I showed you my inspirations that I wanted to use, now here are my 5 street photography pictures. The main challenge I had was definitely the snow, it was pretty hard to find some good lighting but I managed to pull through. 24 more words


Inspiration for Street Photography Assignment

This photograph is by Chema Hernandez and was taken in Avilés, Spain. This photo struck me because of the artist’s use of line and contrast to make certain aspics in the image “pop.” The high-key tone of this image immediately draws the viewer’s eye to the emphasis of the photograph, which appears to be the spiral staircase. 274 more words


Scuarul Cehov: schița de proiect și perfectarea actelor necesare

După cum am planificat, în ultima perioadă am elaborat actele necesare pentru obținerea certificatului de urbanism și am început procesul avizări schiței de proiect.

Schița a fost elaborată pro-bono de compania ”OldArchitecture” și anume de către arhitectul… 301 more words


CMC Street Photography Inspirations

Street photography is new to me just like all photography is, but everybody knows I run the streets so this should be easy. Here are a couple pictures that I thought were cool. 132 more words