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LandDownUnder/Oz/Great Southern Land/The Land of Wonder/The Sunburnt Country/Aussie/Australia


Ok, so two posts left from this trip.

1. Australia!

2. Go Pro/Video compilation

Soooo…… last place I went in my adventure was Melbourne Australia. 1,044 more words


#The Digital Age Rocks!

Even before entering graduate school I considered myself somewhat digitally inclined. After all, I was an early adopter of the iPhone, had been using the Internet like a pro for years, and fairly comfortable with social media.  697 more words


Stop HOAs from Violating our freedom!

Hello world! I am an American who believes in the US Constitution because it is the basis for a civil society and it is the reason we are the most tolerant and GREATEST nation on earth!  

3,002 more words

Learning to Tweet... No, Really

The coursework provided throughout the past few years has constantly pushed and challenged me. It has helped me learn to be a better academic, a better working professional, and a better communicator in general. 283 more words



The Children’s Media Conference was again a great mix of useful networking and informative panels. There is a relaxed culture and manageable size to the event which makes for a very open approachability – and being in Sheffield people don’t tend to dip in and out. 234 more words

A estrela do show (ou o palhaço)

Galdino: “Não estou disposta”

Desavisados, desinteressados e desinformados: caso não conheçam a nobre figura acima, percam uns minutos para entender como este cidadão se elegeu para a Câmara Municipal de Curitiba. 114 more words

Children's Media Conference Day 1

Today was the official start of the Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield. We had workshops during the day. I attended a workshop called Wear and Tear about wearable technology and 3D printing to produce childrens products. 235 more words