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Big Buyers Are Back

The above chart is taken from CME’s daily exchange volume and open interest on gold futures (http://www.cmegroup.com/trading/metals/precious/gold_quotes_volume_voi.html?optid=437#tradeDate=20180618)

As what was highlighted by Paul recently, the dips were bought by large speculators.


Ships of Theseus

Back in the day when I was student, I used to fondly think of medical conferences as the modern day equivalent of Epidaurus in Ancient Greece.A grand annual meeting of enlightened minds discussing important things with a noble purpose. 755 more words


COT Report For Gold – June 12th, 2018

Last Week: Open Interest = 450,641
This Week: Open Interest = 448,695

Last Week: OI = 182,468 (Long 23% Short 77%)
This Week: OI = 182,070 (Long 24% Short 76%) 47 more words


COT Report For Gold – June 5th, 2018

Last Week: Open Interest = 469,382
This Week: Open Interest = 450,641

Last Week: OI = 204,541 (Long 16% Short 84%)
This Week: OI = 182,468 (Long 23% Short 77%) 47 more words


What's Going On With Silver?

Silver is the common man’s money.  Silver is typically worth, on an historical basis, 1/16th of the value of gold.  Right now, it’s worth approximately 1/70th of the value of gold.  385 more words

The Bitcoin Crypto-Coaster Ride – Technical Analysis

There will be no financial press, fundamentals, cryptophant community opinions, or geopolitical fodder provided here today, but only basic technical analysis. Why now? It appears that Bitcoin may be in the process of building another base consolidation like it did throughout 2015. 1,018 more words

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Forex and Futures

Maybe you have heard of “foreign exchange” (forex), or maybe you haven’t. Everyone has heard of foreign exchange students who study abroad, but in financial markets forex it has quite a different meaning. 435 more words