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Live feed music on hold - hardware and configuration

Nearly every PBX in existence has some way to take outside audio and use it for music on hold.  In the past, Cisco sold a nifty little USB device (MOD-USB-AUDIO=) that would allow you to connect any audio source to a Call Manager server.   665 more words


EEM 2014 Top 10 Video Countdown: #6 The Top Three Peds EM Articles You Need To Know!

Dr. Richard Cantor gave only one talk at EEM 2014 and it made #6 on our countdown. That’s right, folks, he’s the real deal. Sure, you might be thinking. 205 more words

Emergency Medicine

Logs for 22nd March

Conditions still don’t seem to have recovered after last week’s CME event. I normally get good reception of stations from S.E. Asia, mainly I think, due to the orientation of my antenna. 165 more words

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Book: The Futures by Emily Lambert

“The Futures” gives an inside look into the origins and growth of the Chicago futures exchanges, told through the eyes and the experiences of the traders, brokers, and executives that made it all happen. 324 more words


Ulasan aktivitas matahari 16-22 Feb 2015

Diterjemahkan dari http://www.stce.be/newsletter/pdf/2015/STCEnews20150227.pdf

Aktivitas matahari sepekan sangat rendah sampai rendah. Fluks sinar-X latar belakang berada pada level B seperti yang dapat dilihat pada grafik di bawah dengan plot fluks sinar-X GOES 0.1-0.8 nm dari 16 sampai 22 Feb. 243 more words

Aktivitas Matahari

Aktivitas matahari rendah dengan flare terkuat adalah C7.6 dengan puncak pada pukul 16.31 UT dari daerah NOAA 2297. Beberapa flare C lainnya diamati dari daerah 2297 dan 2302. 219 more words

Aktivitas Matahari

Pengunjung penuh es dari luar angkasa

Diterjemahkan dari http://www.stce.be/newsletter/pdf/2015/STCEnews20150227.pdf

Setelah flare M2 pada tanggal 9 Februari, Matahari memutuskan untuk beristirahat, dengan hanya beberapa flare kelas C level rendah selama dua pekan berikutnya. 431 more words