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EMP or CME Imminent—Governments Prepare For The Big One: Drills, Weekly Emergency Alerts and You Won’t Believe What Else

By Lisa Haven

Is a great evil about to befall our nation? The entire world is on edge and senses that something major is about happen and one would have to be in denial not to see something is right around the corner. 650 more words

End Times

미국의 Framing Lumber 가격은 하락

2013년 초반의 경우 제재목 가격은 더 많은 주택 신축과 공급 제한으로 주택 거품시기의 높은 가격대에 거의 도달하였습니다. 2014년 초반에는 공급이 증가하고 그뒤에 수요가 감소하면서 2013년과 비슷한 정점을 보여주지 못하였습니다.


#PRA2016 Flyers

Have questions about the 22nd PRA Annual Meeting? These flyers for #PRA2016 may have the information you need. Feel free to download and share with your contacts!


ROSS NORMAN: SILVER FIX - Not Fit For Purpose R.I.P.

Sharps Pixley CEO Ross Norman’s cutting comments on the London silver benchmarking system following incidences when the ‘price fix’ has been set well outside spot trading levels.   602 more words

Independent Analyis

Scientists Discover Solar ‘Superflare’ That Could Completely Wipe Out Power Grid

By Off The Grid News Staff

Americans concerned about solar flares and the domino effect a power grid-down scenario would spark have been — once again — vindicated. 148 more words

Solar Flares

CME Travel...Puerto Rico Edition

Inspired by our resident travel Maven’s post on CME travel, I decided to attend an anesthesia conference in Puerto Rico. I figured, not only was it a great way to get some CME credits but also a good opportunity to meet up with some of the ladies from my old job who I don’t see as often. 1,122 more words

Women In Medicine