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Why do we need to research Sun?

Till recently learning about the Sun was purely intellectual exercise, firmly in the domain of the basic science. The basic scientific research is one that is done for the sake of the knowledge itself. 403 more words


Continuing Medical Education: New Rules under Italian Law (and How to Comply with Them)

A new regulation has been enacted in Italy, overhauling continuing medical education regulations. The new provisions will not only have an impact on healthcare professionals, who are subject to educational requirements, but also on pharmaceutical companies and medical devices manufacturers supporting educational events and congresses, as well as on third party providers and organizers. 383 more words

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Doctors handwritings or real Pharmacists: What's more important?

Actually both are important and can’t replace each other. In fact we don’t have to even compare them. Pharmacists are one of the sole part of any healthcare system which is absent in Bangladesh where as doctors handwritings relates with their writing skill. 109 more words


এক ব্যবস্থাপত্রে ১৯ ওষুধ, ব্যবস্থাপত্রে লেখা হচ্ছে অপ্রয়োজনীয় ওষুধ।

Polypharmacy is one of the leading cause of drug toxicity among patients and can turn into patient death sometimes. According to rational use of medicines standard on an average a new patient should not have more than 2-3 medicine prescribed maximum in first visit and for review patient maximum 1-2 added excluding changing existing ones. 177 more words


ওষুধকে হালকাভাবে নেবেন না (Do not treat medicines ordinarily)

Medicines are one kinds of poisons for any living things untill it is needed to treat a specific disease condition in a living matter. Using medicines irrationally and inappropriately may harmful for any living matters, which may even life threatening. 41 more words


FAQ 7: As a Pharmacist what is your recommendation for a patient who is taking Insulin for diabetes melitus and would like to be fasting during the day for a particular period of time to perform his/her religious direction during Holy Ramadaan?

Ramadan is the holy month of fasting in which Muslims refrain from food, fluids, oral medications and smoking from sunrise until sunset. The Koran specifically exempts from fasting those for whom it may have harmful consequences, such as pregnant women, the elderly and those with medical conditions. 730 more words


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Getting a prospective attendee’s attention is not easy, and what works for one person may not for another. Here’s an article from Charge Ahead Marketing (via Meetings Net) that looks at how content marketing initiatives could be what CME providers are overlooking, … 132 more words