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LEONID METEOR SHOWER: Today and tomorrow, Earth will pass through a stream of dusty debris from Comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle, source of the annual Leonid meteor shower. This is not a storm year for the Leonids. 290 more words

The Game of the Name (revisited)

OPSWAT, a California-based company that includes product certification among its range of products and services, asks What Can We Learn from Anti-malware Naming Conventions? 1,027 more words

Virus Bulletin

Entry number 6

I was wrong, there’s too much material L I’ve had to cut back and frankly I’ve been looking at the section I called the “build” I’m just not feeling it, so I’ve cut that little bit out as well as the lyrics that go over the instrumental. 124 more words


Entry 5

Its late

I know it is

And I don’t feel good but either late last night or this morning, I can’t remember, something awesome came out. 258 more words


Entry 4

Entry number 4

First score Draft done. I don’t like it but at least I have something
Reworked the lyrics too, got rid of that stuff about ancient wisdom. 116 more words


Entry 3

Entry number 3

I’ve never been good at lyrics but I’ve had a few people appreciate what poetry I’ve shown them, either out of politeness or confusion. 422 more words