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Building an Insights Engine

(Source: hbr.org)

The authors discuss each characteristic in turn, using the consumer goods giant Unilever as a case study. Unilever’s Consumer Markets and Insights group, the epitome of a powerful insights engine, has helped the company generate impressive revenue and sales growth. 5,715 more words


Summer Safari

Today in Make Space children were tasked with the challenge of creating a wild animal out of materials found in the exhibit. While many see a room filled with things that should probably be dropped off at a recycling center, children see possibilities. 24 more words


Lessons Learned from a Team Leader| Natasha Porter

“So what exactly will you be doing in Africa and what precisely does a team leader do?” These are questions that I have been asked many times before, during and after my placement.  855 more words


Free facilitation webinar - What does it take for people to align behind change?

Are you interested to learn more about facilitation, and ICA’s Technology of Participation (ToP) methodology in particular – in a free, one-hour, interactive online session that offers an experience of virtual facilitation as well?  543 more words


Meat, Fire, and Loud Booms

I raised my kids on a pretty simple philosophy.

Think for yourself and question everything.

Today America claims its 240th birthday.  Still a baby, yet it acts like it knows everything.   584 more words


Living Wage

I read a tweet the other day by a Hillary Clinton supporter.  The argument against Bernie was that he is holding the party hostage over a few measly dollars. 790 more words


I Need to Close Some Tabs

What I do right before bed time is read.  I open up links in their own tabs, and if I think they are interesting I’ll leave them open.   1,011 more words