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How To Create An Olympian Work Ethic

Ghost blog written for Australian olympic gold medallist, coach, and speaker Drew Ginn.

At 21, I became the youngest member of Australia’s Olympic rowing team, known as the “ 510 more words


Why APAC’s 3 Most Beloved Brands Continue To Rule The Region

American entrepreneur and marketer Seth Godin defines a brand as “a set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships.” These qualities drive consumers to choose particular products or services, so it’s little wonder why brand perception is hugely important. 660 more words


5 Brand Activation Trends Sweeping Through APAC

Brand activation is just another one of those fancy marketing phrases, right?


Brand activation is the strategy behind how marketers are creating engaging audience conversations. 1,116 more words


Want to future proof your brand? You won't do it with an advertising campaign

Advertising campaigns are as common as muck. We’re oblivious to most of them and even when we see one we like, we very rarely buy the product. 253 more words