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How to Make the Most of Social Data & Analytics

I gave a lecture at a social media marketing class at St. Edwards University this week. The topic was How to Make the Most of Data & Analytics. Below is the Slideshare presentation.


Slurpees®, video rentals, and a horse farm. How Jim Notarnicola, Partner and CMO at Brix Holdings, leveraged a diverse background and six Red Mango® locations into a growing portfolio of ‘better-for-you’ brands.

Jim states that he’s only had two jobs…selling Slurpees® and renting movies. Responsible for giving a whole generation of teens and tweens “brain-freeze” with his iconic 7-Eleven® commercials, Jim has established a permanent place in the upper echelons of advertising fame. 935 more words


Will CIOs survive the IT evolution?

Last week I shared an interesting article on my LinkedIn page projecting how Chief Marketing Officers would own a greater share of the IT budget than Chief Information Officers in the near future. 609 more words


Working With A Target On Your Back

We have noted for years in this blog that the CMO position has a high turnover rate. We even suggested in one post that this is because when things go bad, the CEO needs to fire someone visible and by firing the CMO they do that without really messing anything up because, “what does the CMO do anyway.” The CMO position continues to be one of the most ill-defined positions in the corporate structure. 304 more words


Too many tech decision makers spoil the broth

Recent and ongoing discussions with industry stakeholders confirm to capioIT that the increasing complexity of technology procurement and decision-making is reaching a boiling point. capioIT estimates that major technology investment decisions now require an average of six to seven individual decision makers to agree to confirm a decision. 481 more words

Bold Move: Tell Your CEO She Needs to Listen to her Customers

In addition to being the author of a truly killer resource,  The Content Formula, Michael Brenner is a leader.  How do I know?  Because I listened to the interview Jeff Julian conducted with him and I could hear the calm, deliberate, and assured tone with which he spoke about content marketing, our role as digital marketers, and how to approach the bold move of telling your CEO that she needs to listen to her customers more and in a different way than she has been. 712 more words


Martec's Law: the greatest management challenge of the 21st century - Chief Marketing Technologist - marketingIO

The majority of marketers (72%) feel that the marketing technology landscape is changing either “rapidly” or at “light speed” — which is evident from the explosive growth we’ve seen in that landscape graphic over the past 5 years.In contrast, the majority of marketers (67%) say that their company’s own use of marketing technology is evolving only “slightly” or “steadily” — or “not at all.” 112 more words

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