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Wunderman CMO: Marketers must tap their consumer's passion points

Today’s increasingly influential Generation Z not only demands consistency from brands, they also expect marketers to know who they are, their passion points, interests and values – then reflect these accurately, Wunderman’s global CMO, Jamie Gutfreund, claims.

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What a coincidence! I’m a thought leader too!

So if ticking all the right boxes won’t do, you need to build a cohesive social media strategy that will leverage your social presence to support the main brand objective. 224 more words


These four things will close the gap between the CMO & CIO

The landscape for marketers is shifting dramatically. In order for marketers to be successful, they must rely on technology and data. The bottom line is that the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) needs the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and vice versa. 541 more words


Did you check all the right boxes? – It’s not enough anymore …

In many big companies the approach to social in the past was: do I have social presence in all the major social channels? And innovation here meant: do I have social presence in the latest / greatest / coolest social channels? 226 more words


Digital Transformation requires intimate knowledge of the business

Moving to a digital enterprise is not a trivial task. It is neither a journey nor a destination. The shift for an enterprise to embrace digital requires a cohesive effort on multiple levels. 660 more words


A look at business focus on CX. Toluna boosts staff by 20%. (RBDR 05.04.2016)

Today on RBDR:

1) Can a business focus too much on Customer Experience? Perhaps, but mostly in terms of the business’ leadership in the area. (Too many different executives involved in CX can cause problems.) 96 more words

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