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Flying Blind

The latest edition of the CMO Survey from the Fuqua School at Duke is out and it’s baffling, at least to me.  You can read the data here… 374 more words

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Is there a difference between a Chief Digital Officer and a Chief Data Officer?

For me, this question is like looking at two different angles of a prism.  Both sides admit that the digital transformation of the enterprise (of ANY size) means that the digital assets of the business require closer attention, and the infrastructure to do business is critical. 173 more words

Gartner Research: Social Marketing (ATTENTION: ALL Chief Marketing Officers)

Take Five Steps to Advance Your Social Marketing Program: Get Inside the Mind of Customers, Cultivate Advocates and Increase Conversion

Source: www.gartner.com

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Digital diaspora in the enterprise: Arrival of the CDO and CCO | ZDNet

Digital diaspora in the enterprise: Arrival of the CDO and CCO | ZDNet.

When they write the history of the early days of the networked era, it will be noted that the centralization of technology services in most enterprises largely ended within a few decades of the arrival of the Internet. 1,129 more words

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Disrupt IT – one year on

A year ago I published the book Disrupt IT in which I defined a new model for IT that meets the needs of the digital business. 867 more words

CIO Role


If you need it, here’s a bit of permission to try something new at your company…something you know needs to be done to make the work you do more powerful, efficient or effective. Go ahead. Try it.

Look, There They Are! It’s Your Target Audience!

Tony Compton, Managing Partner

You’re investing good money to get your presenters, with your messages, in front of your target audience. Whether you’re sponsoring a webinar, an industry conference, or a Vegas trade show, expenditures will be totaled, and results measured. 933 more words