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Daily Faith Lift™: Monday, March 2, 2015

Today’s Daily Faith Lift™ is defined to design to remind you, “Where God guides He provides.”

Allow those wings of inspiration to carry you through your day! 62 more words

CeCe McGhee

Medium at Large: Ev Williams Talks With Kara Swisher

Ev Williams built two of the most important publishing companies of the digital age. Can he do it a third time?

At the Code/Media conference, the man who co-founded Blogger and then Twitter explained what he’s doing with… 6,573 more words


What's behind that 4¢ food and beverage payment anyway??

The CMS Open Payments database reflects individual interactions with doctors, so if a sales rep is running around buying supplies for a lunch event with 100 attendees and one of the receipts is for a $4 bottle of seltzer, the drug manufacturer averaged the total cost of that receipt and attributed $0.04 to each of the 100 physician attendees. 13 more words


John Oliver: a satirical take on open payments

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: slamming big pharma and using big data supplied by CMS Open Payments to drive the point home.


clintSVR 1.2.7 Released

28 Feb 2015, clintSVR 1.2.7 just released. This version supports Oracle database in the real time database logging. Currently, only MySQL and Oracle are supported. I plan to support MSSQL in next release. 29 more words


The Dress Color Debate [POLL]

Thanks to a Scottish woman’s question on her Tumblr account, social media is on fire about the color of a dress. The woman’s friend is getting married and the dress in question belongs to her friend’s mother. 142 more words

CeCe McGhee

CMS research - back end

This project has to be full dynamic website and therefore decision on whether to build own CMS or use already built CMS needs to be answered. 116 more words