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Experimentation: New Technologies, Libraries, Frameworks

Several months following my graduation from college, I have spent some time looking at new technologies within the computer programming field. I have come across countless new JavaScript libraries, several advanced forms of stylesheets, new IDEs and web development tools, and more efficient APIs and frameworks. 448 more words

New At 2: “All We Need Is Love” by Totally 4 Him [NEW MUSIC]

Today’s “New At 2” is by the contemporary quartet, ‘Totally 4 Him.’ The name of the song is
“All We Need Is Love” (feat. Doug Williams & Stan Jones). 65 more words

CeCe McGhee

Spin to win

No person in the history of the world has ever been able to provide a satisfying definition for that unique combination of words “public relations”. The inability to provide a clear definition has much to do with the fact that there is no single activity associated with the job of public relations officer, which is true of all but the most menial of job descriptions. 962 more words


10 Advantages Of Using CMS

Design and maintenance of a website used to be a difficult and costly task for the website owners. But since the deployment of CMS like WordPress and Joomla, it has became much easier to develop a website. 696 more words

Benefits Of CMS

WordPress 4.3 Beta 1 Now Available

WordPress 4.3 beta 1 is now available. Lots of changes to this one. I like the password updates.

Tweaks & Updates

EXM: Token Replacement In Messages With A Contact Custom Field


Sitecore 8 Update 2

EXM 3 rev 150223


Add a custom token to replace with a custom field added to the contact record in an EXM Message when sending the email, such as the salutation like “Ms.”, “Mr.”, or “Mrs.”. 617 more words


Your Cracked Phone Screen Could Soon Heal Itself!

What if your phone screen cracked and could heal itself? One day, your cracked phone screen will be able to do just thanks to a French physicist. 46 more words

CeCe McGhee