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Whats the difference between RGB and CMYK of Inkjet printer?

Whats the difference between RGB and CMYK of Inkjet printer?

RGB color model refers to the three primary colors of light: Red, Green, and Blue,the three primary color light with different proportions of the sum, can produce a variety of color light, in theory, red, green, blue light can be mixed out of all colors. 297 more words

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ABC / MAMDP at CMYK, Worcester, Saturday 28th March 2020

ABC / MAMDP will have a stand at this event organised by Stephen Fowler:

CMYK 2 is a one-day festival organised by the BA Illustration Course at the University of Worcester in conjunction with last year’s curators from the BA Illustration at Hereford College of Arts. 116 more words

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Getting to Know Your Colors

Why do we use Web Safe Colors?

Some years back computer monitors weren’t capable of displaying the 16 million colors available and were limited to 256. 145 more words

CMYK black vs RGB black: What's the difference

There are multiple types of black to use in design. This difference is most noticeable in print and digital work. Most people use the preselected black in the colour palette in any program they are using without knowing the difference between them. 658 more words


a londoner's guide to london

I started illustrating a mock-up book cover for a London guide book that ended up getting waaayyy more involved (read: detailed and time-consuming) than I intended. 16 more words


Colors: not as simple as one would think.

The human eye is capable of seeing such a wide variation of color that we sometimes unerestimate what comes into hand when we have to professionally categorize the value of color. 500 more words