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US Cyber Command powers up attacks against Russia's electrical grid - CNET

Aggressive moves to implant malware are both a warning and an effort to enable crippling attacks if necessary, says The New York Times.

from CNET https://cnet.co/2XhZZNy


LG V50 is a big 5G phone with a big price video - CNET

The LG V50 has a 6.4-inch display, 5G connectivity and a price over $1,100. For more information, read CNET’s LG V50 review: https://cnet.co/2wXSJb4.

from CNET https://cnet.co/2wYb9br


Go behind the scenes as Adam Savage tests an Iron Man suit that really flies - CNET

For his new show Savage Builds, the former MythBuster sees how hard it is to be Tony Stark. And CNET was there.

from CNET https://cnet.co/2WNgvkA


This home theater has a secret feature that hides something god-awful - CNET

Show Us Yours: Joe and his wife wanted to replace their unattractive entertainment system with something better. See how they said goodbye to ugly by hiding their wires.

from CNET https://cnet.co/2EGxZJH


Election hacking has never been cheaper, easier or more profitable - CNET

Cybercrime could be a $6 trillion business by 2022. Emerging tech like AI might be the only way to one step ahead.

from CNET https://cnet.co/31w0l2l