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CNET Asks: Are you going to see Solo: A Star Wars Story? - CNET

Finally! The opening weekend of the origin story of Han Solo has finally arrived, and we want to know if you will be heading out to the theaters like we will. 7 more words


Welcome to Marvel Stadium, which is a real thing in real life - CNET

Walt Disney has signed an eight year deal to rebrand one of Australia’s most well-known sports stadiums. Should have called it Asgard Stadium.

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Apple and Volkswagen joining forces to make autonomous shuttles, report claims - Roadshow

Based on VW’s T6 Transporter, the self-driving shuttles will move Apple employees around its campus.

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Turns out Pluto might really be a giant comet - CNET

Some researchers have a new theory about the former planet: It’s made up of a billion comets at its core.

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